| Ubisoft's Patched Fiasco: The Division 2 Popular Shooter Suffers Setback

The Loot shooter The Department 2 is preferred with numerous fans. The post-apocalyptic setting coupled with gameplay, which is fun both in the single and in multiplayer.


It's simply a shame that one of the last spots triggered great damage which the designers in fact took the chance to eliminate it immediately. In Washington D.C. there is chaos. The city sinks into criminal activity, even a coup d'état to the Capitol should be prepared. What at first sounds like a summary of events around Donald Trump as President of the United States is really the story of the popular loot shooter The Department 2. At the minute, it is not only the world in the video game prior to a crisis, however the whole video game to eliminate with extremely genuine problems.

Team of The Division 2 destroys their own video game

This is not due to any hackers, but the heads behind The Department 2 themselves. They damaged the video game with a spot therefore serious that they can not simply fix the mistake. The group responsible describes how this happened in a tweet: This states that initially there was a localization issue through which the upcoming season would be postponed. When a corresponding update was created, a mistake was discovered that ruined the system for develop generation. The system must be developed again. This is bothersome, but it would just be half as bad if the players might merely continue with the activities of the existing season. The Division 2 group explains that this is not possible since the build generation system need to likewise be brought back for the extension of this season.

a ray of expect the fans

In their tweet, the designers specify that they have actually already made excellent development. Critical parts of the system are likewise said to have actually been fixed. In a more current wet, unscheduled upkeep is also announced, which must be completed by 10.02, 7:00 p.m. The message does not refer straight to the previous problem, but numerous serious bug repairs are listed in the Spot Notes. It can be assumed that this big mistake will likewise be ironed out. Even if the whole event ought to be more than annoying for fans, there is good news for them. Those responsible soon want to expose which in-game settlement the players can expect for the hassle.

Due to the significant restrictions, the reparation should be lavish. You have just recently played The Department 2? We reveal you 17 secrets from the video game that you have definitely not yet discovered:


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