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How to maximize your green window shooting with NBA 2K23?

Welcome to the NBA 2K23 Green Window Shooting Tips guide! Here we will discuss one of the game's most important aspects: green window shooting . We will review the mechanics, the math and the best tips on greening more shots . Green Window Basics The green window is a visual representation of the ideal timing for a shot . It is represented by a bar that has a minimum and maximum make percentage. The closer you are to the center of the green window, the higher the make percentage. For example, the tracy mcgrady shot base has a make percentage of 93% when the shot is released at the center of the green window. This decreases the percentage as you move away from the center, so it is important to get the timing right. Premium Tools You will need to use our premium tools to take full advantage of the green window. These tools will help you work on the timing of your shots and give you feedback down to the millisecond in real-time. You will also

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