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'Umamusume' was pushed out of the rankings… Will Kakao Games Improve Efforts? [IT magnifier]

[ Moon Byung-soo] The sales rankings of the mobile game 'Umamusume' are plunging. It is interpreted as a user departure due to operational noise such as wagon demonstrations. Aka Games, which has made efforts to improve by replacing the manager of the operation, is paying attention to whether Amuse's popularity will be rebounded. According to the data analysis platform Data. Ai (former App Annie) on the 26th, Uranus Me was pushed out of the 45th place in Google Play sales on the 25th. Amuse, who fell to 15th on the 22nd, fell vertically near 30 steps to 23rd on the 23rd and 41st on the 24th. The Apple App Store has fallen to 49th on the 25th. Amuse is a game that has reached the top sales of both major markets in Korea immediately after its launch in June this year, and the new card 'Italian Black' was launched at the end of July. However, it is a bad news such as wagon demonstrations and refund lawsuits due to the recent operational noise. Kim Sophie, a research

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