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Find out which glitch on the shipment allows the players of Call of Duty to cheat

The classic shipping of the Call of Duty 4 card has recently been added to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in the last content update. This legendary card is one of the smallest cards ever put into play. It is roughly the size of a dressing room that has some shipping containers thrown around the place. The map is well known to the COD community to be chaotic, cramped and scandalous. However, he has now acquired a new reputation to be broken. Players recently discovered that there is a revolutionary problem on expedition that allows some to deceive the game and accumulate eliminations. We don't know exactly how it is d1. But a good amount of Call of Duty players understood how to get out of the limits of the expedition. Although it may seem unimportant. Most of the time, the player who ends up getting out of the limits cannot be killed for any reason. Giving them free rein to killing other players without risking dying themselves. Depending on where the player comes out of the li

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