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3 Of The Most Expensive NBA Franchises

Brooklyn Nets: $3.3 billion Houston Firecrackers: $2.2 billion. LA Clippers: $2 billion Have you ever wondered which NBA franchises are the most expensive? With the recent news of the Phoenix Suns being acquired and becoming the most recent team to join the NBA, let's take a closer look at three of the most Expensive nba franchises and what makes them so valuable. The Phoenix Suns are the most current NBA group to be acquired after having concerns with their owner. Sources say that the group was cost over $4 billion to a former gamer of the Michigan State Spartans. After months of hypothesizing as to who would be the new owner of the company, reports broke on Thursday. Both the Suns and the Mercury were consisted of in the acquisition by billionaire Mat Ishim. Former owner Roberts Server has concurred in concept to sell. Ishim was a walk-on for the Michigan State Spartans when they won the national championship in 2000. There are three other groups that have actually cost over

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