Update: Arc Raiders: First game by Patrick Söderlunds Studio

Arc Raiders is a free-to-play shooter in which you fight against an invasion of extraterrestrial machines.

Update from 10.12.2021: The first trailer to Arc Raiders shown in the Game Awards already offers a first impression of how the shooter of the still young development team EMBARK Studios plays. The earth is attacked by an alien power that sends constant strong machines on the planet. In the video, both small drones can be seen and a big, spider-like monster. In the end, even a much giant opponent is eve nested.

Arc Raiders Reveal Trailer | The Game Awards ARC Raiders should eventually appear for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X / S next year and be playable via GeForce Now and sets a free-to-play model. At the heart, it is obviously a co-op game in which you fight as a team in different environments against the machines from the space. The trailer shows partly very extensive areas. Whether Arc Raiders now has an Open World or relies on individual levels is not known.

Original message from 07.12.2021: Patrick Overland may already know as a high animal at Electronic Arts. Before that he was CEO of Battlefield developer DICE. In 2018, the Swede EA left and founded his own company called EMBARK Studios. So that has been working on a game for more than two years now and that is exactly what is a name: Arc Raiders is said and is officially revealed at the night from Thursday to Friday at the Game Awards 2021. Because Embarked Studios could not wait to announce the title, you have already published a very short teaser video on Twitter last night.

Much of the clip does not reveal logically in his short term of just 20 seconds. A voice in the background talks about the fact that volunteers are considered, which obviously connect the resistance to a threat. It looks like it as if Arc Raiders be a game again, which turns around an invasion of all. At least in a scene (due to pictorial errors only quite rough) a kind of spaceship to recognize and in another someone shoots a large, moving ball. The camera setting suggests that the shooter is the character and Arc Raiders is a third-person shooter.

We can not pull more out of the clip. Everything else will clarify on Friday when the Game Awards were awarded and in between numerous trailers are shown, and new announcements are made. One of them now we know each other.

Now to Arc Raiders on Steam!


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