Tower of Fantasy Weapons Ranking: The Best Weapons To Use In Your Journey

Are you trying to find the very best weapons in Tower of Fantasy? Since there are a lot of weapons to pick from in the toolbox of the video game, it can be confusing to know which best matches your character. While each weapon has its own benefits, it is undoubtedly that specific weapons will continue in the long run if they make their way to the final. For this factor, step lists are a good source because you tell you which weapons you must feel drawn to and let you know which you must prevent. In this ranking, we will bring every weapon that is currently in the video game in a ranking and briefly describe why our company believe that it comes from this rank.

ranking of all weapons in Tower of Fantasy

Below you will discover a table with every weapon that is classified from S, the biggest to the C level, not so well.

S level

The weapons you find at this level have unsurpassed worth.


And while a few of them take longer to get utilized to it, especially as a beginner, they deserve to practice them because they become very effective as soon as they comprehend them completely. Whether it is incredibly high DPS that can consume enemy guards, or outright nos helpful recovery assistance, you can not do anything wrong with this level.

An action

A leveled weapon will still make you a force that you have to count on, however there are no crucial data that you would discover in the S-rank. The ice wind arrow can trigger incredibly high damage, but the lack of attack speed only lowers it by one level You have many of the weapons that rely on the rise of the stars, which means that players can only accomplish their complete potential after a specific time.

B level

These weapons are well fit to activate particular roles as the last hope. They can likewise be utilized as a placeholder till they find a weapon thought about considerable, e.g. B. in A-or S-rang.

You will not last long if you get in the game, and although the terminator provides terrific AOE and the Pummeled assists with the opponents' shields, they are not effective enough to wish to keep them in the long run.

C level.

Due to the fact that they have no star development, these weapons are the worst. And what occurs if you have no star rises in Tower of Fantasy? Well, your weapon does not become stronger or does not accomplish higher potential, which means that there is no real development here. Hand down these options and search somewhere else. We hope this ranking helped you pick your weapon in Tower of Fantasy! For all Tower of Dream requirements, you remain at the fanboy attack. We have thoroughly explored this video game with guidelines, including beverage recipes, the activation of the Serbia car, the elegant dream clothing and much more. Tower of creativity is now offered on mobile gadgets and PCs. - This short article was upgraded on February 2, 2023


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