Learning to Apparate: A Guide to Hogwarts Heritage

One of the most promoted spells in the magical world is the ability of experienced wizards and witches to appeal (teleport) from one place to another. Since the events of the Hogwarts Heritage take place many years before the events of the Harry Potter series, you may be interested in whether you will be appropriate to and back, like a magical Aurora.


Well, we played enough to find out the answer.

Can you learn to separate the Hogwarts Heritage?

Unfortunately, you, as a player’s character, cannot learn how to Separate in Hogwarts's Heritage. No matter how bitter it may sound, there can be many reasons for this. Firstly, since most of the game is held in the famous School of Worship and Magic Hogwarts, the ENT actually confirms that you cannot separate to school or from it. Special protective spells established by the founding members of the school do not allow anyone to enter or leave Hogwarts through teleportation. The second reason you probably cannot separate is the existence of a fireplace network. The fireplace network acts as a standard fast movement mechanics in the Hogwarts Heritage and serves a large extent the same goal. This is not so screaming or interesting, but it works mechanically without violating the knowledge of the magical world. Do you like Hogwarts's Heritage, but do you need additional information about the game? Check out our Hogwarts Homicides' Heritage Label Guide-how to get and how to get a born wand in Hogwarts's Heritage and the Magic World right here in Pro Game Guides.


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