LOL: The Blitzcrank hook that ended on a 2x1 offer in enemy murders

Blitzcrank but I'm Max AP and every Hook is a guaranteed kill When you make a good movement in League of Legends, you feel a bit of pride (and you have good reasons to take advantage of it). Sometimes they are totally calculated, but very often they are totally due to AZA R. And that is probably what happened to a player who managed to catch one but to two opponents during his departure he shared in Reddit.

Double unexpected luck

This movement is not due at all to an error, but to a chain of circumstances that led this particular case that it practically never seen. While Tristana went to the bush to clean the vision of the Guardians, she encountered a pink and that she had the duty to destroy her. It was not to have the thresh contrary to her that she patiently waited for him to catch him with his q-sentence of death, that she managed to reach her to the limit of this ability. It is so he rushed towards her, sending the w-dark road of her to bring her fellow, a Viktor, to the party of our poor shooter.

It was not to have the support of our ADC when our beloved Blitzcrank was really well positioned in the dragon's area and that, thanks to the q-grip missile of him, he managed to grab the Thresh milliseconds before Viktor reached him. As a result, Thresh and Viktor were found in a very dangerous situation, in the middle of the dragon's den, but above all surrounded by enemies. And is that when a situation of 1 against 2 becomes 4 against 2, we rarely survived.

What began as a good intention from the ward ended up becoming bad luck for him and the adventure couple of him in the lower lane. We greet the perfect moment of the Golem grip that is taken by the current that literally changed the course . So luck or skill, you are the judge of all this.


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