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Are you a fan of the One Piece Odyssey series? If so, then you're in for a treat! Banzai NAMC recently announced that they will be releasing a demo version of the upcoming game on January 13th. This demo will let players get an early taste of the highly anticipated One Piece Odyssey, and we can't wait to see what it has in store! Read on to learn more about this exciting announcement.

Banzai NAMC continues to beat the media campaign as One Piece Odyssey techniques, still well wedged for January 13, 2023 on PlayStation, Xbox and Steam. In addition to a new trailer, the publisher validates that a playable demonstration will be offered a couple of days previously, January 10. This playable demo will in fact allow you to start the adventure before time and move the backup data to the full video game. Playing the demonstration variation will also make you open benefit things in the complete video game. A game which, as this trailer remembers, proposes to revisit the locations, occasions and crucial characters of the manga in the kind of memories. Absolutely nothing is for that reason real in the events depicted here given that Luffy and the others only relive the occasions of the past in dreams, but it is maybe precisely the opportunity to take various courses and erase some regrets.

Four arcs to review so as not to regret anything

4 emblematic arcs remain in any case on the program of this RPG, beginning with a return to the kingdom of Alabama to help Princess Vivid to put an end to the civil war fomented by Crocodile and the criminal company Baroque Functions.


Then go to Water Seven, a maritime city pestered by Cipher Pol representatives. 9, then in Marine ford where Luffy will once again deal with among his worst family memories. Finally, instructions the city of Dresses to avoid Do flamingo from hurting with the aid of Rebecca, Sago and Trafalgar Law. Trailer

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