'Umamusume' was pushed out of the rankings… Will Kakao Games Improve Efforts? [IT magnifier]

[ Moon Byung-soo] The sales rankings of the mobile game 'Umamusume' are plunging. It is interpreted as a user departure due to operational noise such as wagon demonstrations. Aka Games, which has made efforts to improve by replacing the manager of the operation, is paying attention to whether Amuse's popularity will be rebounded.

According to the data analysis platform Data. Ai (former App Annie) on the 26th, Uranus Me was pushed out of the 45th place in Google Play sales on the 25th. Amuse, who fell to 15th on the 22nd, fell vertically near 30 steps to 23rd on the 23rd and 41st on the 24th. The Apple App Store has fallen to 49th on the 25th.

Amuse is a game that has reached the top sales of both major markets in Korea immediately after its launch in June this year, and the new card 'Italian Black' was launched at the end of July. However, it is a bad news such as wagon demonstrations and refund lawsuits due to the recent operational noise.

Kim Sophie, a researcher at Hanna Investment & Securities, said, Amuse has ranked first in sales since the July 25th update, but traffic and sales have fallen rapidly due to the refund demonstrations and various repulsion issues of some users. The average daily sales estimation of the quarterly Amuse was lowered from 1.5 billion won to 1.1 billion won.

Aka Games, which held a user meeting at Pang yo headquarters on the 17th, predicted a change in communication by replacing the manager. CHO Tae-hyun, the representative of Aka Games, appointed Kim Sang as the head of the Task Force (TF) and promised to improve the service. On the 30th, Umamusume Korea Update Roadmap will also be announced through the official café.

Aka Games said, This meeting has been an opportunity to look back on our initials, and we will try to be a higher level of operation that fits Umamusume IP through future changes.

In the game industry, it is noteworthy that Uranus Mega will succeed in rebounding. In the case of actual subculture games, sales rankings have soared thanks to major updates. Amuse also re-replied the No. 1 sales thanks to Kit Black. However, Umamusume is not pointed out that the task of restoring users should be preempted.

Meanwhile, Umamusume users filed a collective refund against Aka Games on the 23rd. A total of 7,100 users who expressed their intention to participate in the refund lawsuit participated in 201 who raised the cost of a group litigation.

SUMO Shin Jae-won, a lawyer at LKB & Partners, said, It is a lawsuit for damages for the property damages that users worn by the user due to the immature Umamusume operation. There will be additional lawsuits in the future, and we will calculate the damages properly.


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