Gameonline Advent Calendar Hardware: The Seagate Game Drive Special Edition

The Seagate Game Drive Special Edition is a two terabyte external hard drive that has a very different design from most other drives. It's an angular disc with a colorful, triangular pattern on the front of it.

Seagate always uses a warranty of only one year on the disc (it is truly a stringent minimum when many competitors are to provide a standard of 3 and even 5 years), but the duration of access to its healing services Data extends to three years, which enables you to keep hope in case of seeds, Seagate declaring a success rate higher than 90% in information healing from its SSDs and dds. A point of attention to potential buyers: depending on the area on which you purchase this hard drive, the period of information recovery services can be minimized to just a year!


These 2 TB hard drives are basically visual changes that you pay Rubin on the nail to please your requirement to have something a little various that echoes one or the other of your enthusiasms. The efficiencies are completely good, but if you consider the price decreased to gigabyte and the truth that the assurance is incredibly brief compared to the competitors, it is a sure thing that you will discover much better elsewhere. But would you find as cool as a Child Yoda on your tough drive? We doubt it. This test was brought out by Martin with a gadget supplied by the manufacturer. Its drafting is not the fruit of any monetary transaction, whether in between the editor or games online and the manufacturer or business representing it.

Contest of the Arrival Hardware calendar: an external hard disk Drive with a capability of 2TT of Seagate to be won! On the occasion of the end of year celebrations, Games online signed up with forces with the primary producers of computer equipment to imagine a hardware Arrival calendar. Regularly up until December 24 (every two or 3 days), computer peripheral tests are published in our columns, all related to competitions permitting the most sag aces to win copies of the items tested-to try its luck at the Competition, just address our couple of questions, whose responses are in the tests. A new door of our Hardware cleaning calendar is shaking today on the Video game Drive External Drive in Seagate. The test is below, and the competition is offered here. You can try your luck now and for 3 days, until Monday, December 19, 2022, at 9:59 am-a new test and a new competition will follow at the same time at 10 a.m. Excellent luck to everybody! Concrete video game: an external disk drive from Seagate to be won Begin, we are still embarking on the experience of difficult disk tests. What would we do refrain from doing for play readers... This time, we will not go as much in information as in the context of our WD Black SN770 test: the efficiency of the gadget storage are not meant to be the primary sale argument of this hard disk drive from Seagate, a good old external fired of 2 TB which has already shown itself.

has a large wallet, large expense (in) justified

Certainly, it is its graphic look which is far more special than custom: Seagate has actually released for a few months in partnerships with the most well-known pop-culture licenses to create external disk drives in the colors of Geek icons. The one we received in screening was in the colors of the Mandalorian, there are a number of series on Star Wars, Spider-Man or Black Panther. We are not going to hide from it, the goal is really clearly to make their hand in the pocket with the hardest fans of the licenses in concern, or to make a couple of euros on the back of friends or households looking for ' Gift ideas for the household's nerd. The disc itself is completely regular in size for an external tough drive which is not particularly easily transportable: ten centimeter wide, fifteen long and less than two centimeters thick, absolutely nothing that is shocking.


A beautiful device for a large majority of the Geeks

Its upper shell is decorated with a pattern in the colors of one of your preferred heroes. We saw during the months spending a series Dark Vader, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, another on the main characters of Black Panther on the celebration of the release of Wakanda Forever or another featuring heroes linked to the' Universe of Spider-Man, namely Peter Parker (and not porker, regrettable, it would have been a guaranteed card), Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen... Our test device was from a series inspired by the Mandalorian, with the Eponymous hero, growled/baby Yoda, Bobby feet and a really cool design of Bear Ingot. The rear part on which the hard drive rests is likewise embellished, however with a simple logo design (at the same time, it is easy to understand, it is not expected to be actually noticeable) above the technical information and accreditations of the gadget. In regard to design, it must likewise be kept in mind that the base of the case is backlit, its color varies depending upon the model picked. You can personalize the color in the RGB spectrum with a totally free utility that you can download totally free from the Seagate site.

A USB-A port to govern them all

To link to your option device, the disk utilizes a first generation USB 3.2 user interface: on the disk itself, you will discover a micro-b USB port, which you will get in touch with a cable television of course Provided to a USB type-A port on your maker (which can for that reason be a laptop computer, a tower, an Xbox or a PlayStation). A very first regret on our side: no support for the USB-C, no circuitry supplied in these instructions either. We had the opportunity to pass some tests to our sample, however to hide absolutely nothing, it was truly in the standard of what is frequently performed in terms of performance for external hard disks.

The only rather negative point that we have actually kept in mind was a certain slowness on the copy of files. Otherwise, in the large bulk of tests, he showed up as much as height: reading speed, composing speed, whether you are talking about files strictly speaking or videos, everything remained in the anticipated average.


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