Otto - Xbox Stereo Headset with Forza Horizon 5 for Toppreis on offer [advert]

Unboxing Xbox Forza Horizon 5 Limited Edition Wireless Controller – Xbox Series X|S Fora Horizon 4 is a computer system video game for the Xbox One, Xbox Series and Microsoft Windows platforms. The Open Globe Racing Game is the 4th component of the Fora Horizon series as well as the follower to Fora Horizon 3. The game was created by Play area Games and Turn 10 Studios as well as published in October 2018 by Microsoft Studios.

At OTTO, there is a bundle with the Microsoft Xbox Stereo Headset and the racing game forza horizon 5 for Xbox One and Xbox Series X (as it is the disc version, it does not work with the Series S) cheap. For both together you pay only 79.99 euros. Given that Fora Horizon 5 is an AAA game published in November at the price of 69.99 euros, this is a pretty good offer.

Microsoft Xbox Stereo Headset & Fora Horizon 5 for €79,99 at OTTO

Both Microsoft Xbox Stereo Headset and Fora Horizon 5 is currently also cheaper at OTTO. The former gets you for 46.99 euros (RAP: 59.99 euros), the latter for 44.99 euros (RAP: 69.99 euros). Through the bundle, it saves you again compared to the single purchase again 11.99 euros.

Fora horizon 5 also in the Xbox Game Pass

Before buying, you should of course be considered that Fora Horizon 5 is also included in the Xbox Game Pass. The first month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate you can already get a single Euro right now. Depending on how important you are to own the game in the long term, that could be the much better deal.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: 1st month for €1

What is the Microsoft Xbox Stereo Headset?

The 2021 published Microsoft Xbox Stereo Headset is a cheaper, wired version of the Microsoft Xbox Wireless Headsets. The two headsets are largely identical. By eliminating the wireless connection at the stereo headset, however, the extensive app support and the controller for the game-chat balance is missing as both do not work over a 3.5 mm plug. More about the Microsoft Xbox Stereo Headset and how it suggests the competition, you will learn in our headset buying advice for Xbox Series:

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