In addition, Cho Gye -hyun, CEO of the head of the head, insufficient meeting. Different opportunities

[ Moon Byung-soo reporter] CHO Kyuhyun, CEO of Aka Games, once again bowed to Umamusume users. It has been 15 days since the apology of the representative name on the 3rd of this month.

On the 18th, CHO said, We are listening to the voices of our users through this meeting of Amuse, and we are deeply aware of our voice. I am very sorry. I apologize for the immature expression of our expression during the meeting.

Elon I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the many opinions and voices that I sent at the meeting. I apologize.

Mr. CHO said, We will try to make the voices of users who care for Amuse first to make sincere communication. I will tell you about the progress and content in a detailed and transparent way so that it can be implemented.

In addition, I will run the improvements one by one, and I will do my best to build trust one by one so that we can meet the expectations of our users. Please give me a chance.

Meanwhile, it is a mobile game that has been popular in June this year, achieving the No. 1 market in both major markets. However, as it was pointed out that it was operated different from Japan, which was released earlier, the users' soil continued, and the wagons protested by voluntary funds took place twice.

Aka Games held a user meeting at Pang yo headquarters on the 17th, but the controversy was not ended, and users announced a group refund lawsuit on the 19th.


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