How to make relell in Dislyte

Dislyte is a step -by -step role -playing game with the participation of Espears with the abilities of mythological characters. You collect these characters through the Gach system and create a command to perform various missions and tests. In most of the Gacha-Girl, you need the best of the best. So this can make you ask you how to make Rele in Dislyte.

Dislyte shift manual

Reoll in Dislyte can be more complex and laborious than in other scraps. Most likely, you will have to spend at least an hour in the game or get to the fourth chapter and get enough gold plates to make x10 pull . This is the best way to choose a character, as you are guaranteed to get the legendary Esper. Here's how to make relell in Dislyte.

  • Click on the icon of your profile in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Go to the settings.
  • Select services.
  • On this tab, click “Initialization”.
  • Enter the code and confirm.

This will drop all the data in your game, and you rush to the fourth chapter and get your ten gold records for maximum thrust. It is worth noting that you can drop an account only three times so be careful with how you use this method of transfer.


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