[PWS] Zenji wins a 7 -match with a quick judgment


Zenji packs chicken in PWS: Phase 2 Click Final 7 Match.

On the 24th, the 2022 Pub Magazine Weekly Series (PWS) Phase 2 Phase 2nd Click Final 1 week was online.

Weekly Finals included 16 teams in eight teams, four teams in Japan, and four teams in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau.

Korea participated in eight teams including EMTECH Storm X, Go & Go Prince, ATA, Damwon Gia, Zenji, Danawa E-Sports, Hulk Gaming, and BISG Carfeddm. In Japan, teams such as Donuts Usji, Fennel, Aurumu Rect, Iramuri Petto Samurai Gaming, and Taiwanese areas such as Global Esports Exit, Simba Gaming, Auri Sports, and Deadli Strike.

The 7-match magnetic field was caught by Erangel Pochal. Donuts Usji and Hulk Gaming fought in the center of the magnetic field in the early stages of the game. As the engagement grew longer, many teams joined the battle. Hulk gaming was wiped out in this battle, and Danawa E-Sports and Donuts Youthji lost personnel.

In the east of Phase 4, the Go & Go Prince stabbed Damwon Kia. However, Damwon Gia 'Loki' and 'Foxy' were also eliminated with a quick backup. Since then, Damwon Kia has succeeded in defending the In-Core of Danawa.

ATA finished with Damwon Gia, and Zenji and EMTECH were biting the bite. As a result of this battle, EMTECH and ATA were eliminated.

TOP4 survived Zenji, BISG CarpediM, Dandle Strike and Aura Sports.

Dadley quickly overpowered Bisji and then tried to organize Aura Sports, but he went back to the stomach and opened a gap, and Zenji swept the rest of the person.


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