Wild Rift: the epic series of furious gaming that led him to the final

The games of the playoffs continued yesterday leaving great clashes in search of the finalists for today, where the skull of the skull faces the Levianeta to arrive in the superior bracket, on the other hand the teams From the north they face the lower bracket to stay in the contest within the tournament, with these meetings the two teams that will reach the grand final will come.

The first series of the day would be the southern classic, Furious Gaming against Leviathan starting in a duel where things painted in favor of the skull team seeking to press with the Jayce of Francisco “Prusher” Junco , working in a good way The game but things would change with the team fights where the Levianeta drove things better to take the first point. The second game would begin with a domain work of the FG team that took the kayle in the hands of Prusher but Thiago "Kite" Rodríguez A Vayne would be put that would end up giving the victory to Leviathan. During the third encounter with the confidence above for Leviathan we saw how they risked more during the game but now the lux would make tremendous sparks in the hands of Juan “pan” Roldan ** demonstrating how the Demaciana is used to get it A first point to the skull team leaving the series 2-1.

My CRAZIEST Wild Rift Game Yet

For heading number four the power of Ivan “Andy” Sequera would be present in the wild crack to demonstrate the fear caused by the Kha´six of him during the contest that would end up being a key piece for him to The sea dragon will enter Matchpoint. Arriving at the fifth game we saw the calm skull but it was time to get the mercenary Katarina in the hands of Prusher managed to demonstrate how the central lane is played demonstrating a superiority and a great mastery to get the point in favor of FB . With this we arrived at the number six where the central lane of the skull was in demonized mode but now with a Zed that would end without dying during the game and would take 11 casualties to the bag but also Sebastián “Capoxzseba” Avendaño ** It would be key with Senna to get the series's draw.

Now everything even to a single game that things ended that Sarther along with prushe r would take the team on the back to do all the possible damage that would give him the closing of the series and a comeback epic to move forward by the bracket superior to the grand final of the Wild Rift tournament.

A tremendous series was the one that gave us the first finalist within the most important LATAM tournament in the wild crack, a duel that lengthened to the seventh game that would end up being for the Furious Gaming team that is now waiting for His rival for the grand final tomorrow.


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