The goal is third place? In fact, second place! Umumus Pretty Derby, Google's second place

Umamus Me Pretty Derby, developed by Cy Games and serviced by Kakao Games, ranked second in Google Play's sales on the first weekend. In addition, the Apple App Store is ranked first in popularity and sales rankings. It is the best performance of Kakao Games service games since Odin: Valar Rising.


This game was well-known among subculture game enthusiasts, so that a thick enthusiasts were formed before the launch. However, the question codes have caught up with the 'subculture game' and that they can draw public response and record high sales rankings in the fact that they are not familiar with Korean gamers. It is true.

As a result, however, the first weekend of the launch, I had a very good performance and cut off my first start. In the future, it is noteworthy that this game will be able to maintain the top sales ranking for a long time, and whether it will surpass , the No. 1 game in Google Play.

Meanwhile, Kakao Games CEO Cho Kye-hyun said in the first quarter earnings announcement in May, Umamusume is a game that has been very high in Japan. Specifically, we expect the third place in sales rankings. As a result, he succeeded in achieving the goal immediately on the first weekend.


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