The new console allows you to relive Game Boy's glory days on your TV

Move, Super Game Boy. There is a new way for players to enjoy their favorite portable games via television.

Hyperkin, a company specializing in systems that revitalize retro games for modern televisions, announced the JR., which will be of great use for those who adopt Nintendo portable games.

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The cube -shaped system will allow players to use their Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance via a location for cartridge. They can take advantage of their favorite titles on their TV with 720p support via HDMI. This will be done by emulation, rather than with an FPGA chipset, which is the a similar competitor computer means, also used to play Game Boy cartridges, will operate when it was released later this year.

On the hardware side, the system will include a SNES type scout controller, which is delivered with a cable 6 feet long. There is also a port for 3.5 mm headphones, for those who like to play game games in the same way as they could have done in the past, with the help of their favorite helmet.

Finally, there is a liaison port. With this, players can connect two Reton JR. Together systems and play older games that support several players.

This system could easily be a success for those who have a huge Game Boy library. However, Hyperkin did not provide information on the moment when he comes out, nor on the amount of his discount. Expect a kind of follow-up in the coming months, as well as details on the management of imported Game Boy games. We know many of you who take advantage of their collection.


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