Beond Good & Evil 2 is one of the most ambitious Ubisoft projects

One of the long-term construction of the famous French publisher and developer Ubisoft, Action-RPG Beond Good & Evil 2 seems to be still in development, and the company has more hope for it.

Recently, the Ubisoft Barcelona unit, which helps in the development of the sequel of the leading studio Ubisoft Montpellier, announced the open vacancy of the senior animator of the gameplay to work on the game. Nothing interesting things were found in her description, but in the most announcing post it is indicated that Beond Good & Evil 2 is "one of the most ambitious Ubisoft projects for today."

Where Has The 'Most Ambitious' Game Gone!?

Despite such a loud statement, at the moment we know little about the continuation, and the developer team is in no hurry to share new details. Based on the latest rumors, the development of Beond Good & Evil 2 is completely in critical condition. However, Ubisoft did not give any comments on this statement, and therefore we hope that this would be untruthful, and the company will be able to please fans of the series with new details about the sequel in the near future.


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