Lost Ark: Big March

"Although the publication of Lost Ark is only a few weeks ago, fans of Lost Ark know that there are a wealth of content in the Korean version, which have not yet found the way to the Western shores of Arkesia," Write the developers in a current blog entry and terminate a content update for the MMORPG. From March, Lost Ark should therefore be regularly expanded with additional functions and content. The release of a roadmap is also planned: the timetable with details on upcoming content should be published in "near future".

New endgame quests for Lost Ark

Lost Ark March Update 2022 | Kadan and More | New Storyline and Abyss Raids!

In March Update for Lost Ark, the story episode - Kadan , in which you experience a new action with your own quests and explores new islands. During the tasks you will learn more about the stars. Besides, you are looking for the legendary Cadan - and meet new characters. For this you have to be Feiton and the Quests Yorn - it will have completed light, whisper - the beginning of our history and illusion bamboo island - end of the exams to take you to the new endgame tasks. Recommended are the actual and illusion bamboo islands for players of the Item Level 1100.

Abyssis Raids Argos

With the abyss-raids are also new endgame content to Lost Ark (Buy Now 19.99 €). Similar to the Guardian Raids, you work together to defeat guards before the time expires. In this case, your group is only a limited number of revivations available. In the Abbound Raids, eight players approach a guard who is much stronger and greater than the average guard. In three fighting phases, the guard resorts to different mechanics and attack patterns. In each phase there are their own rewards and different item level requirements. Argos will be available through the abyss-RAID statue in the big cities.

March update with other changes

According to the developers, this is not all content that holds the March update for Lost Ark . The patch notes including details of the bugfixes should follow around the update release. An appointment for the new update is not available so far. "Further information (including the date and the scheduled downtime) will we provide as soon as the update is done," says the developers conclusively.

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