John Wick 4 moved again

Update from 23 December 2021: Who thought we have left the shifts slowly behind us, we have to disappoint today. Because John Wick 4 is late — and as the last time it is not a small delay. For the next Actions with Keanu Reeves as a puppy-loving killer we no longer get in 2022. The new release date for John Wick 4 is the 24th of March 2023 almost a year later than last thought. This date was revealed with a small teaser:

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JOHN WICK 4 Trailer Teaser (2023)

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Bock on John Wick? The third part belongs to the highlights on Netflix in January 2022

Who is guilt at the shift of John Wick?

The fact that John Wick will be so much later in the cinema is at first glance at another important blockbuster: Top Gun 2. The Sequel with Tom Cruise will also start on the so-called Memorial Day Weekend in the US, on 27. May 2022 (The Former Release Date of John Wick 4). The responsible persons of the John-Wick-Studios Lions gate want to avoid the competition through Top Gun 2 at the cinema classes, according to the sources of Deadline — that's why John Wick 4 deviates from the Tom Cruise film. However, the production of John Wick 4 is currently simply come to a standstill — filming in Japan stand on, for example, which have not yet begun. Of course, as it looks like it looks, only the responsible persons themselves know.

But if you want to see Keanu Reeves currently in a new action film, you can watch Matrix: Resurrections:

Update of May 4, 2021: The Responsible for the Distributor LIGATE have now revealed that the waiting for John Wick 4 is a long: from the original release date on May 21, 2021, the theatrical release shifts on the 27 . May 2022 a whole year later!

However, since the production of the fourth part has not even begun when Corona measures began to affect the cinema industry, that's hardly surprising. When there is something normality in the film business, main actor Keanu Reeves must first finish Matrix 4.

Source: Collider

Original of April 30: Actually the release date for John Wick 4 was very early, the sheer endless action fest of Keanu Reeves's master killer should continue in May 2021. But the main actor himself ensures that the shoot and the corresponding theatrical release are probably moved backwards: Keanu Reeves is still busy for the time being work on the fourth part of the matrix films, but because of the Corona Pandemic Anyway, just can not take place anyway. This has unveiled director Chad Stahelski in the interview with the film page Collider.

Start appointment by John Wick 4 is uncertain now

I could not tell you a release date for the next part. I mean, matrix was only four weeks in work when all [ANM. D. Red.: The pandemic] is passed. So Keanu becomes this obligation What a big undertaking is needed and will probably deal with him until the end of the year. Then we have to go into the preparation mode, and then we start only through, Chad explains the situation. Even the original release date was quite unhappy according to the director, because On the same day, Matrix 4 should come into the cinemas.

Due to the postponed production times because of the Corona pandemic and also by the chaos around the simultaneous release of Matrix 4 and John Wick 4 (Buy now €20.99), it is also difficult to say for the director of the film. John Wicks next body count party over the canvas flickers. Who knows that right?, Gives Stahelski.

Source: Collider

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