A new war against machines starts in Arc Raiders

As promised, Arc Raiders took advantage of Game Awards to make the presentations. In development at Embark Studios since the creation of the Swedish studio three years ago, this sci-fi GST displays without surprises visually notable ambitions.

No surprise, first because behind Embark Studios is a team formed by the former boss of Dice, Patrick Overland, and then because the old veteran of Battlefield is financed by Nixon to develop games to The tip of technology. As for the context, no need to do complicated: players will embody raiders, vessels of the resistance opposed to the arches, hostile robots from the space against which it would be difficult to grow in solitary.

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It's good, Arc Raiders will be Free-to-Play, which means that anyone can engage in resistance, and face sometimes particularly imposing enemies. Do not miss a few skirting soldiers felling heaven with their Jetpack and for a little in EDF. Arc Raiders will be launched in 2022 on PS5, Xbox Series, Steam and Epic Games Store. It will also be compatible with GeForce Now.


Meet ARC RAIDERS - Everything We Know About The New Space Shooter From Embark Studios

Arc Raiders — Trailer


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