Tom Holland talks about the participation of Maguire and Garfield in NWh

After more than a week at the cinemas, Tom Holland is finally willing to talk about the appearance of Today Maguire and Andrew Garfield in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Remember that the actor constantly denied the participation of these dramatists, so it is nice at last to listen to the real opinions of the Peter Parker of the MCU.

Andrew Garfield,Tom Holland and Tobey Maguire talking about being Spider-Man for 8 min straight In an interview with Marvel, Tom Holland and Sunday, who interprets MJ, had the opportunity to talk about the appearance and role of various actors, as Charlie Cox as Daredevil once again. This was what Holland commented on working with Maguire and Andrew:

We have so many internal jokes that arose from working with Today. He was really excited [Maguire] to return. It was noticed that it really meant much to him. He's putting on his suit again, we were going together again. He was amazing.

Andrew Garfield, the legend itself. He is a lovely guy. I think this movie was the way of making peace with Spider-Man. It was a privilege to work with him. I know he meant a lot to him.

For its part, Sunday commented the following about the two Spider-Man:

They care deeply by their characters, for which one had been their trip as Spider-Man. It was so beautiful to see them all connect in that and be able to talk to you about such a special experience, because very few people have been able to put on the suit. It was great to see how much he cared and how they relied on each other. Furthermore, it was very sweet.

Without a doubt, is emotional to see Holland talk about the legacy that represents Spider-Man. Tower Maguire and Andrew Garfield did a great job, and his participation felt like a good look at the past. Now we only have to see what Garfield thinks, who constantly denied the participation of him on this film.

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Editor's note:

The legacy of Spider-Man means a lot for all that we grew up with the trilogy of Sam Rail and the Garfield reboot. So seeing these two actors to resume the role of the spider, it was a moment that can not be repeated. Without a doubt, a cinematographic event like none other.


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