All the tracks that show that there will be multiverse in spider

Andrew Russell Garfield (Los Angeles, The Golden State, August 20, 1983) is a British-American star and manufacturer. Regardless of being birthed in Los Angeles, he matured in Epsom, Surrey, where he started to act upon television movie theaters as well as productions. The cinematographic debut of him took place in 2007, with the dramatization directed, created and also co-starring Robert Redford Lions by lambs a year later he starred Young boy An and also by the analysis of him won a BAFTA Award. He jumped to worldwide popularity when he embodied Eduardo Saver in in the film The Social Network, which earned him an election to the Golden Globe and also BAFTA. That year he also had an additional duty in never deserted me, for which he was a prospect once more to the BAFTA and also the Saturn Honor. On top of that, he is globally understood to play Peter Parker in the Flicks The Fantastic Spider-Man as well as The Remarkable Spider-Man 2: Increase of Electron. He took part in the manufacturing of Broadway Fatality of a vacationer, where he embodied Biff as well as shared manage Philip Seymour Hoffman. For the interpretation of him was a prospect for the Tony Honor. The raid of it in the manufacturing happened in 2014 with the suspense film 99 Homes.

Will we see Today Maguire and Andrew Garfield in Spider-Man: No Way Home ? This has been the question in the minds of thousands of people for months. While this information has not been confirmed, there are a number of tracks that support this theory, as well as interviews with the actors, and even alleged filtration.

It all started when Jaime Fox shared an image where he confirmed his participation in No Way Home. This was long before it even revealed the name of this tape, or any information about it. After the success that was into the spider-verse, The idea of ​​seeing a Live Action version of this concept excited the fans, the degree to which they began to analyze up to the smallest detail related to this project.

—All began in May last year, when Christopher Miller, one of the responsible for into The Spider-Verse, mentioned that he he is intended to gather Today Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland in the sequel to this movie Although at the moment this has not been confirmed, here the seeds of this rumor were planted.

—In October 2020, after Jaime Fox's information became known, reports from nearby sources began to emerge, which assured that Today Maguire and Andrew Garfield were already on talks to appear in spider -Man: No Way Home, which did not have a name at that time.

—After a couple of months in silence, in February 2021, Tom Holland assured that none of these two actors will appear in No Way Home.

However, that same month, Holland pointed out that the script of the tape that was given was not the complete, so this gave hope to the fans. Along with this, the situation of Covid-19 prevented all the filming team from being together, so they could record the sections of Maguire and Garfield at another time.

What follows are a couple of months when Andrew Garfield was questioned about the possible appearance of it in No Way Home. However, the actor denied these rumors again and again. Even Emma Stone, who played Gwen Stacy at The Amazing Spider-Man, pointed out that she does not have a paper on the tape either.

— In the same way, in the middle of the year a photo began to circulate, which seems to be false, where we can see Garfield in a construction area with bars, something that seems very similar to what is seen in the most recent trailer of NO Way Home. However, the same actor pointed out that this alleged filtration is the result of Photoshop.

—Trey confirm the appearance of Dr. Octopus and the Green Elf with the first official trailer of the film, William Daphne was questioned about the appearance of the other two Spider-Man. While the actor did not confirm this information, he neither denied her, pointing out that we have to wait for the film to come out.

—Now, last month the second trailer of no Way Home premiered, which unleashed even more clues. The first of these was that in the progress of Brazil we can see Lizard being hit by something invisible, which points out that Marvel published this section and, surely, eliminated some trace of some other two Spider-Man.

—For if it were not enough, once the trailer is put on par with Tom Holland's reaction, Clearly can hear how the actor is surprised at the absence of someone or something in the Lizard section, which talks about something more than just a coincidence.

— At the end of last month, a promotional of no home was found, where clearly you can see part of the suit that Today Maguire used in the first trilogy of Spider-Man.

Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield & Tobey Maguire Confirms SPIDER-VERSE? | SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME (2021)

Recently, Kristen Dust was questioned about the possible appearance of it in no way home and, once again, nothing concrete was provided, but the actress made it clear that she would love to return to this paper.

—The last, Tom Holland has mentioned that No Way Home will be the solo movie of a more ambitious hero of history, statements that may well make sense when relating to prior statements by the actor, where he mentions that this film An honor is honored at the three generations of Spider-Man

Although at the moment there is no clear answer to this issue. We will only have to wait until December 15 to have a clear answer. On related topics, here we tell you about the villains of this tape. Similarly, No Way Home is already a success in pre-sales.


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