Nogizaka Frequal Slock Year Campaign `21

GUM Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Nakamoto Hirobumi) is Orizaba fractal, from December 28, 2021 (Tuesday), in-game item and Orizaba 46 member hand-handed goods, Luxurious real goods and gift codes, etc. Informed of implementing various events, such as.

GUM Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Nakamoto Hirobumi) is Orizaba fractal (hereinafter referred to as Yogi Hula ), in-game item, from December 28, 2021 Orizaba 46 Members Pares, Gorgeous Real Goods and Gift Codes, etc. We will inform you about carrying out various events, such as the 7days Twitter campaign that the item items can be obtained on the spot for 7 days continuously.

Luxurious prizes hit! A year gift campaign held for a year!

This campaign is a large ext remote that is a luxurious item that uses the [ゆ 年] present lottery ticket that can be earned simply by logging in to the game. Orizaba 46 All members' handcarts are signed postcards, Member Code in Yogi Hula We are preparing a luxury item suitable for the first time as a prize. After entering the necessary items, you just play Yogi Hula, you can get [Le-year-old year] present lottery ticket and participate in lottery, so everyone at this opportunity Play Hula and get a lottery ticket every day!

Low year giving year present campaign overview

Campaign implementation period · December 28, 202 (Tuesday) PM 15: 00-2022 (Tuesday) PM 14: 59

▲ 【ゆ 年】 Present lottery ticket

【[ゆ 年】 Present lottery ticket distribution period -February 28, 2021 (Tuesday) AM 5:00 to 2022 (Tuesday) AM 4: 59 ※ There is a possibility of change without notice for the campaign period.

Prize ◆ Orizaba 46 member hand cards with handcart · Number of winners · · · 1 member 1 person (total 36 people) ※ Member can not be specified.

◆ Yogi Hula Real Code award · Number of winners... 1 person (total 36 people) It is a luxurious real good that will be a member of Member Code and Motif, who selected Logo Hula administration. ※ You can not specify prizes. ※ The contents of the campaign and prizes may change without notice. Please note.

◆ Earbud gift cord 5,000 yen · Number of winners · · · 200 people

※ Gift code can be selected from Apple Gift Card (for 5,000 yen). ※ Please check from campaign application form for details of gift cords. ※ Distribution is digital code. Please note that it is not a real gift card. ※ © 2021 iTunes K. K. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

◆ 460,000 · Number of winners · · 10 people

◆ Elbe [SSR] set · Number of winners · · 10 people

way to participate

  1. Download Orizaba fractal 2. Campaign target tweets RT 3. Enter the required items in the application form 4. Playing the Orizaba fractal 【ゆ 年 く 年 る プレ プレ】

※ The number of items acquired by [[ゆ 年] present lottery ticket depends on the login status to Orizaba fractal.

Please check the details of the year campaign for the year of the year from the Logo Hula official site campaign page.

Get a game item on the spot with the image tap!? Hold 7days Twitter campaign at Twitter!

During the campaign period, we will hold a 7days Twitter Campaign where items in the game will earn daily items at Orizaba Fractal Official Twitter (@nogifra). Just tap the image attached to a daily post, get an in-game item on the spot, and further distribute the reward to all users exceeding 1,000 RT!

Campaign participation method

  1. Following the Orizaba Fractal Official Twitter (@nogifra). 4. Reward grant to the present box 5. Campaign tweets will further give priority to the number of RTs and rewards.

Implementation period

Day 1: December 28, 2021 (Tuesday) AM 0: 00-23: 59 Day 2: December 29, 2021 (Wednesday) AM 0: 00-23: 59 Day 3: December 2021 30 days (Thursday) AM 0: 00-23: 59 4th day: December 31, 2021 (Fri) AM 0:00 to 23:59 5th day: January 1, 2022 (Sat) AM 0: 00 ~ 23: 59 6th day: January 2, 2022 (Sun) AM 0: 00-23: 59 7th day: January 3, 202 (Mon) AM 0: 00-23: 59

※ There is a possibility of change without notice for the campaign period.

7 DAYS Twitter Campaign details Please check from Yogi Hula official site campaign page.

Reward list

Cam back 7days Challenge Campaign Held!

Cam back campaign will be held from 5:00 on February 28 (Tuesday), December 28 (Tuesday), for those who did not log in for a certain period at the start of the campaign. Just log in to the game, you can choose Cam back SR replacement set and Geisha ticket (SR) where you can freely select SR of favorite members and Geisha ticket (SR). In addition, by completing the mission, such as the development of members and the live challenge, you can also earn up to 6,000 Polish and Geisha ticket (SSR) x 10 sheets. On this opportunity, let's play Logo Hula and get a luxurious reward!

Implementation period -February 18, 2021 (Tuesday) AM 5:00 to 2022 (Tuesday) AM 4: 59 ※ There is a possibility of change without notice for the campaign period.

For details on campaign details, please check from Yogi Hula app.

Members' hand-drawn real goods will get! ? Mimi Pro Live 02 Held!

In Yogi Hula, we hold the event Mimi Pro Live 02 that can be rewarded as a reward for the member of the member of the member of the member as a reward. The Improved is an event in the ranking type that gets the ranking PT with the stage clear and competes with other users. You can select one of the members of the prophecy and participate in each pushing men ranking. This recommended Men Ranking Real Goods Reward has prepared Acrylic Signed Cheri, Acrylic Stand of Orizaba 46 members. In addition, the Acrylic Stand of real goods reward is added to the comprehensive ranking fee from this event, and lottery rewards are provided in addition to the ranking compensation, so if you are not used to the game, you will not be familiar with the event. Please try.

Please check the details of Mimi Pro Live 02 from the Notice page in Yogi Hula official site.


Your girlfriend's only Orizaba 46 starts Orizaba Fractal is a Orizaba 46 [Official] produced game app that supports the growth of members as a producer. In the Produce (Live), which is the largest feature that you want to choose the members you want to be the center, you can freely customize their own clothes and customize yourself, and enjoy memories with each member. You can create an ideal Orizaba 46. In addition, since the game system adopts many auto functions that combines simple operability and convenience, it is easy and anyone can play freely, so the first time, the first time, the first to touch the content of Orizaba 46 content There is no doubt that the attraction will be transmitted! In addition, the characteristics of each member are faithfully reproduced, and Yogi Hula fully pickled photos, movies, voice and voice are one of the attractions. Please produce your own Orizaba 46 with your palm of your hand!

Orizaba Fractal Overview

Title: Orizaba Fractal (Yogi Hula) Genre: Orizaba 46 [Official] Produced Game Official Site: HTTPS: // Official Twitter: HTTPS: // Official LINE: HTTPS: // Lin.EE / pithv2i compatible model: Smartphone ※ Please check the official site for details. Usage fee: Basic play free (item charging type) Copyright: © Orizaba 46LLC / Y & N Brothers Inc. © Gum

Company Profile: Gum Co., Ltd.

Since its inception in 2007, starting with the development of SNS for mobile terminals, developing apps for feature phones, and in addition to the main mobile online game business, XR area (VR, AR, MR, etc.) and blockchain as new businesses We also enter the area and expand our business. From now on, based on the Corporate Philosophy WOW THE WORLD!, I will create surprises and impressions to all people.

Company Name: GUM Location: Nishi-Shinjuku Nisei Shikoku 4-34-7 Symptoms Real Estate Nishi-Shinjuku Building 5th, Hirobumi Nakamoto: June 13, 2007, Capital: 9,399 million yen (As of the end of April 2021) Business contents: Mobile online game business, XR business (VR, AR, MR, etc.), blockchain business URL:


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