Two professional gamers touch the warmth of people in Kumamoto! Human Tour Chang Street Fighter × E

Everyone knows the fighting game character Street Fighter and the Travel Experience of the New Era, the collaboration Street Fighter × E-Travel Yamamoto of the new era.

E-Travel is a platform that provides a fun fun travel experience that is a non-daily, unique experience program on digital to work on JOB Group, and the digital space is a digital space. A specific area and a subculture such as a game, anime and movies, and sending the attractiveness of the area with Digital Content. We have implemented multiple game titles and regional collaboration.

This stage is Yamamoto Prefecture. As a member of the E-SPORTS team Saishunkan Sol Yamamoto from Yamamoto, participate in Street Fighter League: Pro-JP 2021 Nemo Player (Polaroid Lifeless Affiliation) and SHUT A player (AXIS affiliation) touches the attraction of the prefecture through the travel variety. So, in this paper, It was a trip to Saturday, Saturday,. It was a journey. We will deliver a review.

Sightseeing for the first time for the first time to visit Yamamoto, Kyoto Kanji of the Hospitality of Yamamoto Castle. Kayo NATO is a Kumamoto-san, a new Yamamoto Castle, which can be said to be a symbol of Yamamoto. From the front of Yamamoto Castle, which has been revived from the 2016 earthquake, two trips will start.

Shooting while moving

Since there is a program that touches the charm of various Yamamoto in one night and two days, shooting is also performed in the car moving. We will respond to the local quiz that is repeated one after another from NATO Kanji NATO.

The appearance of the topic touched by the previous shooting and the number of issues found from the moving scenery, and it was immediately fresh.

Touch the Great Nature! Kama River Rafting

The activities that the two challenges are Kama River (Yamagata) Rafting. Toshiyoshi City, located in southern Yamamoto Prefecture, flourish as a castle town, rafting and people hot spring famous. In addition, the Kama River, which flows through Hiroshi City, is one of the three major emergence of Japan. The first challenge of the rafting is a smile, saying, Don't usually experience to the activity that feels a great nature, such as a rodeo experience that sit at the beginning of the boat and feel torrent, and jumping from the cliff to the river.

And that night, NATO Kanji and Nemo, Shut player is a Kama River specialty salt grilled and a rich water source of a humanity, and a rich water source of Hiroshi. I will speak to The muzzle of the two people who talk about the Street Fighter League: Pro-JP 2021 in the future of E-SPORTS, the future of E-SPORTS, and the future of the two-story facial expression, etc. It seemed that the relationship with NATO Kiki was close.

Toggling in Yamamoto specialties under Yamamoto Castle

The second day starts from the complex tourist facility Cherry Baba Castle of Sakura next to Yamamoto Castle. In addition to tasting souvenirs and specialties of Yamamoto here, it is up to the museum to learn history and tradition, and Yamamoto can be enjoyed. Here, we conducted Salad Tachukawa Search Countermeasure!. Find a new specialty special feature Salad Ashikaga of Yamamoto! However, in the development of Sakai Take Software, which has a souvenir of Yamamoto and the Sakai Samurai of Yamamoto in Salad Tarawa っ, and the Soft Cream. Is it safe to find a salad qua...? Please check in the main part of the end of the end.

Real match in the holy place of the game!

Two stomached two came to OE Game Center with the oldest history in Yamamoto. Leave the appearance of the old-fashioned game center, it is a popular store that has a player visiting an expedition from the whole country, and it seems to be called the sacred place of the game. Here, Nemo players and Shut players play! How is the end...!

Top 10 Morons That Tried To Rob Professional Fighters

After the match, Shut was given a feeling that I have a lot of online matches, and the good place of the arcade to play opposite match is tasted.

Traditional crafts fertilizer in fertilizer is tense from the tournament! ?

Hypertailed elephant fitness is a traditional technology that has been traditional to modern times as a technique for decorating golden sword wrinkles and guns. Future and Says Public challenge the fertilizer in the fertilizer that involves decoration. Nemo players and Nemo who are more tense than to go out to the tournament, with a slight mistake.

Here, the fertilizer in the fertilizer and the muzzle colored paper produced by the SHUT player will be presented to 2 people who have purchased the right to be viewed.

After a 2-day journey

Two days of journey to tasting Yamamoto, the two-day feelings looked back with the goodness of the spirit and the goodness of the person created a better experience. Kiowa is If you search, the taste comes out, but the taste with people in there is not really visited, the two feels good with your skin and satisfied. It was a program that makes you feel thoughts with warm people who want to carry the foot to Yamamoto by a little of the situation, and there are many things that you don't know yet.

The collaboration efforts with professional gamers are still unusual for fashion and game devices, and such measures may spread the possibility of professional Gena.

It is a must-see for the facial expression of the programmer who can not usually see and the local people and the activity unique to the local people!

The attraction of Yamamoto and Nemo players, the reaction of Shut players are fun I was a journey trip to my name. It is up to 23:59 for the same day). Buyers will also receive benefits video including offshoots! You can also view archives until January 1st.

In addition, in the special site, Jello and Coin appeared, street fighter x e-Travel Yamamoto limited goods are sold, but also Yamamoto Natural Eagles and Summon Souvenir sets, Yamamoto Hospitality Warlords will appear in the package, and 3 kinds of Yamamoto Fastnesses can be taken. Note that sales of goods and articles are sold until December 18th.

For more information on purchasing programs and viewing goods, purchasing goods, please refer to the official site.

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