LOL: BACKING OR Go Walking? The question we all make us already have an answer

I'm sure this has happened to League of Legends. After a fierce fight online, you do get to backers behind the tower have been pretty beat your champion. But before ye teletransportéis based, what happens is that the jungle appears to diverse, or the opponent throws a distant attack that makes you return to the source, but pine box.

At that point, I have asked the following: Would not it has been better based walking back to die for risking use the back ?. It's a reasonable doubt, and that everyone would now calculate more or less thanks to a small mathematical calculation speed motion distance traveled. But we have never done, and that's what the League of Poor YouTuber.

A meticulous research work

As League of Poor video he explains in his minute and a half just, the calculation is not as simple as everyone thought. Must take into account an obvious variable as is the different speed of movement of the champions according to their objects, own skills base and conditions; but also another issue more complex: the towers and inhibitors must be surrounded, and you only need to get to the stairs of the source and not the center of it.

What Your Parents Think Vs. What You Actually Do Using these considerations, the content creator did a lot of experimental work to establish an estimate of area where would you go based walk faster than if backers. Chronometers each movement speed by 8.5 seconds of the back and have such a defined area.

For concrete, base speed movement of champions usually range from 330 to 350 units making up till 380-440 as boots and skills. Not the same a Mackie without boots, a Baum with boots mobility. But this extra is not as profitable for this type of timed tasks like something that you get along party every minute starting.

The difference between movement speeds is not as big as expected, although it is respectable. Overall, not profitable return to base if foot from outside its walls. Therefore, the lesson to be drawn from this is that it is smarter backers phase lines, but whenever we do with the security of not dying in the attempt.


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