A MMO of Marvel? The creators of DC Universe Online could have a project as well as hands

Do you dream with an MMO based on the Marvel universe? Dimensional Ink Studios may be about to make your wishes come true and bring us a multiverse again, this time in video games.

In fact, such a game would be currently under development by the creators of the mythical DC Universe online. It is a presentation published by Global End 7, then resumed by the Streamer mmmmmmmiller, which is the one who would have turned on the wick before this possibility.

This news echoes a conceptual art filtered in 2019, in which we could see three characters designs. All were part of Daybreak's attempt to offer an MMO AAA Marvel. Since then, the project has been canceled after several layoffs within the study.

The slide talks about an unannounced MMORPG that would be an massive multiplayer game based on IP Marvel. The project would be directed by Jack Emmett, who previously worked at City of Heroes and is currently on the DC Universe online team. The titles were quite successful at that time, which is very good news.

Death of a Game: Marvel Heroes (Marvel Universe Online)

It must be said that after the success of Marvel's Spider-Man or Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, the license still has a bright future ahead. According to the information of this SUIT, The project would have revived.

A little more concrete this time, Marvel's Midnight Suns is another title that will also take place in the world of comics. While initially it was scheduled for launch in March 2022, finally it was postponed for the second half of the year since developers needed more time to improve the quality of the game. Marvel fanatics should eat something.


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