How to make your catch rate reach 99.9% in NBA 2K23?

Making catch-and-shoot shots can be difficult for a lot of players. These tips will help you to make the best shots in NBA 2K23. Today we'll discuss why some players miss catch-and-shoot shots and give you basic tips to ensure you hit almost every shot.

1. Don't rush the catch animation

Make sure you finish the catch animation before you shoot. This is important because the different catches give you different flow on your 2K23 jumpshots, resulting in inconsistent timing and more misses. 

Whether it's a steady catch or a moving catch, the speed of the shot meter remains the same. It's easy to get confused when the shot meter starts at different points. If the defender is not in front of you or the shot is not rushed, then take the time to finish your catch animation first before taking the shot.

2. Visual cues

If you don't have the shot meter, you can rely on visual cues like the flick of the wrist. This can be harder to do if the timing is off, so ensure you know the timing for each shot. 

3. Practice 

The best way to get better at making shots is to practice. Try taking different types of shots from different angles and distances. This will help you to improve your muscle memory and timing when it comes to shooting.


By following these basic tips, players should be able to make nearly all of their catch-and-shoot shots. It is important to remember to finish your catch animation before the shooting, pay attention to visual cues, and practice to improve your muscle memory and timing. Players can become more consistent and accurate with their shots with a little practice.


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