Tom Sizemore Gives Update on His Health After Suffering a Stroke

today health accidents are usually more frequent than we think, proof of this are Hollywood stars that have been presented with certain problems that can be marked for life. This is the case of actor Tom Size more, who recently suffered from a cerebral aneurysm and seems that there is no solution to this. As commented by their manager and relatives, doctors have commented that the actor's situation has no hope, so there is no way to recover after what happened. Last Saturday at his home in Los Angeles it was when everything happened, since he collapsed in the early morning, being diagnosed as an initial stroke. In an update provided a few days ago, Manager Charles Lagos aid doctors mentioning Size more's family that there is no more hope. They also recommended that they make an end of life decision, that is clearly that they can choose to disconnect it from medical devices that currently keep it alive.


Here one of your comments:

The family is now deciding the affairs of the end of life and on Wednesday a new statement will be issued. We are asking for privacy for your family during this difficult time and wish to thank everyone for the hundreds of messages of support and sentences that have been received. This has been a difficult time for them. For now, the 61-year-old actor, better known for his roles as Sergeant Format in Saving Soldier Ryan and McKnight in Black Hawk knocked down, is in a coma. Without any possibility of deciding what will be of your near future. Via: CBS News Editor's note: It is very sad that this kind of thing occur that way, a problem with Bruce Willis also happened, which is currently going through difficult times. Size more's family must be in the worst situation, we will see what they decide to do.


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