Why You Should Wait Until Tonight To Send Your Pokémon GO Gifts – Here's Why!

In Pokémon Go you have the opportunity to send out gifts to your pals every day. However today you should wait up until night with the sending out of the bundles. We have summarized why this makes good sense. Which plans are it about? In Pokémon Go you can make pals with other fitness instructors and send them gifts or receive them themselves. These bring you items and important star dust. This not only serves as a little attention, however also increases your progress in relationship levels, which can bring you more benefits in the game with time. For this reason, the function is often used by the gifts and gamers are vigilantly sent. Today, on February 7th, 2023, you ought to wait until evening with the sending out of your packages. We discuss to you what advantage this brings you.

You need to wait with the sending out of gifts

Worldwide obstacle: Tomorrow, February 8, 2023, the Valentine's Day occasion begins in Pokémon Go. This brings you a great deal of cool spawn, new shiny and perks. However, you can enhance this reward once again in the coming days by resolving the global difficulty for the event. On the celebration of valentine's Day, small letters are usually written or gifts. And you must do that to fix the challenge in Pokémon Go. So you have to send out a lot of gifts. What is the objective? An overall of 100,000,000 gifts worldwide have to be sent out to coaching friends. Every bundle counts to produce the task. When does the difficulty run? Even if the occasion itself only starts tomorrow, the global obstacle begins tonight. The job is active from 9:00 p.m. German time and can be made by February 15, 2023, at 7:00 a.m. Every present that you send from this point in time brings you a little closer to the location and to cool additional rewards.


Which rewards exist? If you have resolved the global difficulty together, the following bonuses will be unlocked by the end of the occasion: Triple candies when sending out Pokémon Double XL sweets when sending pokémon (for coaches from level 31).

It is worth waiting to be waiting for the bonus offer with the sending of your beast and is active for you. Particularly if you wish to figure out famous monsters or Pokémon, which you usually do not discover in the video game so typically. This allows you to improve your respective sweet collection effectively. Idea: With the assistance of the tag and filter functions in Pokémon GO, you can currently pre-sort your Pokémon and send it with just a couple of clicks when activating the bonus.

you must consider this when sending out presents.

How do you get bundles to send? In Pokémon GO you get the parcels by turning the image discs of Bakeshops and Arena. At the exact same time, you can hold a maximum of 20 gifts in your product bag. In addition, your pal Pokémon also brings you from and from time to time. How can you send out gifts? To send out a pal a present, you just have to click your friend list and choose the preferred good friend. Now you have a gift sign in the lower left corner. Click this, choose a postcard and send it. If you desire, you can likewise include a sticker label in advance. However, take care! Fitness instructors can just ever have a gift from you. As long as this has actually not been opened, you can not make any more gifts to this player. In this case, the parcel in the lower left corner is gray. By the method: Prior to you open the presents from your good friends or send your own, it is worth spinning them in your postcard book. This simply goes over the popular in the lower ideal corner. This enables you to protect various kinds of the beetle Pokémon Pummel and its more advancement Villon. Here we reveal you which areas you need good friends to get all Villon. How do you like the global difficulty for the Valentine's Day occasion? Are you going to send presents vigilantly? Or do not the reward interest you at all? Like Mango in the remarks here and exchange ideas with other coaches. There is still a lot in the coming weeks in Pokémon Go. We show you all occasions in February and which are worthwhile.


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