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I am the top 9%.

What is it? This is the number of music listening. Last year, I listened to music anytime, anywhere, as I heard 20,094 minutes. If you are a Gyeonggi-do who sends 20%of your life on the subway, the earphones are the next item to take with your phone. There is also a way to sleep in public transportation, but you can't sleep comfortably because of the noise of cars. On the day you don't come out with your earphones, you only find the stability of your mind after buying the cheapest earphone at a convenience store.

I have music that I have recently missed. It is 'game background music (BGM, BG Gum)'. Even though it was a music without lyrics, I was crazy about the kids who enjoyed the game without iron. In the late twenties, if you quietly plug your earphones and close your eyes to avoid the nagging of your mother, you will be comfortable.

In other words, it is said to be 'memory correction'. Listening to the old music seems to be because various emotions will be revived with the memories that were happy at that time. Like sniping these elements, the songs that have plenty of emotions in the 2000s in the MBC program 'What if you play' have stayed at the top of the music chart for the past few months, presenting a fresh World sensibility to the whole nation.

Are we just listening to music, but how far you don't know how when you forget it? I was very curious, but I didn't know a certain answer. If you know, I learned it for mysterious knowledge.

The relationship between hearing and memory

Except for the bottom, the sound is different.

Like the 'Pyeonggyeongjang', where you can notice the bottom of the sound, the hearing of people develops very early. After 6 weeks of pregnancy, the ear of the fetus is made, and a snail tube that listens to sound in five months is formed. Occasionally, when children were in the stomach, they said that they remember what they said, but they actually listened to them.

Since human hearing has a deep connection with brain activity, if you do not listen clearly, some functions of memory will be reduced. Memory has long-term and short-term memory. If you dig more long-term memories, there are two types: implicit memory and external memory. Among them, 'implicit memory' is the core of this story.

Tacit memory does not require any effort. So-called says that you remember your body? In the military, PTSD when it comes to 'PTSD' is also a type of implicit memory. Furthermore, implicit memory is also a form of 'classic conditioning'. Classic conditioning is like a dog of Pablo, which is unconditionally reacted when you listen to the bells, and when we listen to music, we will respond equally when we have a memorable emotional event. This is the cause of memories when we listen to music.

Maple Story is Korea's representative MMORPG, which was released in 2003 and is currently servicing. It is said that Gangs an will change in 10 years, and the user's memories have accumulated as much as the Maple Story. The in-game music video of the game shows that time has stopped. This is because there were many people who missed the memories of the time they played most fun in the comments window and the atmosphere at that time.


The comments left by people were able to see what they cried and laughed at the reading. The sparkling memories of the school days I had had survived again when I listened to music. Then why? Will we think more of the games you played in your teenagers? In this regard, we need to dig deeper into human psychology.

Is this also related to latte?

The woodenness of life is a way to think about each person. It can be a teenager who has no iron, and can be in their 20s to start social life for the first time. However, most people think that before the age of 25 as the longest memorable experience. According to Christina Steiner, a professor of psychology in the United States, some elderly people remembered that they remembered the most of what happened between the ages of 15 and 30 when they made some older memories of the past life. )

This phenomenon is called the climax. To put it simply, Latte was the best ~. The brain remembers new memories for a long time, but on the contrary, the repeated experience is quickly forgotten. That's why music I heard as a child is more memorable and later plays a part in forming music.

'Change's counterattack of adult empire' is considered a masterpiece that is a life-long film of many people. The children went to see them with their parents, but rather that their parents cried and came out, and they were well-received in all parts of the story, directing, and music. Do you know that you can see the climax of the movie?

One day, adults were in love with their childhood in the 20th Century Museum, which suddenly appeared. The adults who looked back and crushed the joke of crayon were hiding their children like a child on one side. The adults who felt just far away, but as much as they entered the 20th century museum, they seemed to be like us who listened to game music and recalled their good childhood.

My own 20th-century museum

Do you know the word 'Cone ISIN', which represents the content industry in 2023? It is a compound word of Ongojisin () who learns 'content' and old. This means to create new demand using past content. Slam Dunk, who recently hit a basketball boom while hitting domestic theater streets, is the representative. It's been 27 years since it was completed, but people's popularity for slam dunk still remained. In 2023, it was a movie that recorded the first one million viewers, and the Slam Dunk Pop-up Store, which was held at the Guido Hyundai Department Store, has been lined up from dawn.

In a repeated daily life like a squirrel, it seems that it feels boring every day. I try to do this for a new experience, but in the end, I went back to what I enjoyed most fun, and I found a sense of stability there. Perhaps people who are enthusiastic about slam dunks, and who listen to music and recall memories of memories are building their own 20th-century museums.

Various pop-up stores where you can buy limited edition goods are good, but I hope there will be more events that can recall memories like a stem in a dry life. Today, I am trying to go on a memory trip, thinking about the time when I think it is the golden season in my life. What are you doing in your 20th-century museum?


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