The Last of Us Recap With Spoilers: Left Behind - Ellie Attempts to Save Joel's Life

Ellie is running laps around a health club with various other children in a FEDORA school, listening to Pearl Jam on a Walkman, yet an additional, a lot bigger youngster runs up behind Ellie and also tears her headphones off. The lady strongly tells Ellie to grab the rate and also have a much better perspective, so they're not compelled to do more exercise. She then makes a discourteous remark regarding Ellie and also her pal, keeping in mind that her close friend does all the combating on Ellie's part. Wishing to confirm her incorrect, Ellie strikes her and ends up in the office of some type of FEDORA police officer/ institution principal. He attempts to steer Ellie on a much better path, noticing that she's making negative choices and if she transforms point around, she might be a high ranking FEDORA official in the future.

Later that evening, Ellie is woken up from her sleep by her friend, Riley. Despite Ellie's aggravation, Riley encourages her to sneak out with her, so she can show her a shock.

Ellie makes an effort to stop the bleeding, yet it seems helpless. Joel begs her to just head back to Tommy and also let him die, yet Ellie makes it clear she isn't offering up.

The Shopping center

Riley provides Ellie a new joke publication, the one we have actually seen in previous episodes, and also she's definitely overjoyed. The moment is ruined when Ellie locates a bunch of bombs on a rack, clearly planned to be made use of against FEDORA. Ellie promptly blows up, considering the idea that she can be one of the victims of these explosives. Riley states she'd never let that happen, yet she is beginning to shed Ellie's count on. To make matters worse, Riley additionally isn't planning to stick around as she's entrusting to the Fireflies.

Ultimately, they wander right into a gallery and Riley shocks Ellie with a functioning cupboard of Temporal Combat 2. After they finish their game, Riley takes Ellie to the food court where she shows her where she's been concealing out.


The duo makes their way to a deserted mall that was thought to be loaded with contaminated, however Riley rejects this as well as claims it's safe. Once they get in, Riley activates the power as well as discloses a lovely, yet messy mall. Ellie is wowed by it all, specifically by points like escalators and Victoria's Secret window displays. It functions as a time capsule for the time before and also makes them question a little what life was like at that time. As they make their means via the shopping center, Riley shows Ellie all things that she prepared for her to offer her one ideal night. There's a great deal of low key teasing as well as some caring looks exchanged, implying they clearly like each various other, yet no one's happy to voice it.

Catastrophe Strikes Yet Again

Ellie is running laps around a gym with other kids in a FEDORA school, paying attention to Pearl Jam on a Walkman, however an additional, much bigger kid runs up behind Ellie and tears her headphones off. She after that makes a disrespectful statement regarding Ellie and her friend, noting that her close friend does all the combating on Ellie's behalf. In spite of Ellie's irritation, Riley encourages her to creep out with her, so she can show her a surprise. As they make their means with the mall, Riley reveals Ellie all the things that she planned for her to give her one perfect evening. After they complete their game, Riley takes Ellie to the food court where she shows her where she's been concealing out.

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Ellie right away leaves in a fit of craze, but decides to turn back after understanding she might never see her once again. Ellie joins her, however they're promptly disturbed when the contaminated runs in as well as attacks them. They combat throughout the store before Ellie stabs it in the head, killing it right away.

Recognizing there's nothing they can do, they accept each other and ponder their two alternatives: commit suicide or allow the infection take control of and treasure the time they have left. Eventually, they select the 2nd choice, however we do not see precisely what happens to Riley. Obviously, Ellie is immune, yet Riley likely would've passed away one means or one more. Back in the existing day, Ellie is looking for materials to help Joel and locates a stitching needle. She's able to stitch him up and with any luck, keep him active.


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