Neowiz's Annual Sales Increase 13% Year-on-Year in 2022 | Kim Seung-cheol & Bae Tae-geun

Neo wiz (co-representative Kim Seung-cheol, BAE Tae-hyun) announced on the 14th annual and fourth quarter earnings in 2022, which applied the Korea International Accounting Standards (K-IFRS).

In 2022, annual sales amounted to W294.6bn and operating profit of 22.6 billion won. It increased 13% and 6% YoY, respectively. In the fourth quarter's earnings, sales increased by 5% YoY to W72.8bn, and operating profit fell 93% YoY to W300mn.

In terms of annual sales by division, the PC/console game division was 126.4 billion won, an increase of 1% year-on-year, similar to the previous year. The mobile game division rose 9% year-on-year to W143.3bn. Other sales grew 534% to W24.8bn.

Last year, cats and soups, which have surpassed 35 million global cumulative downloads, have led mobile game sales, including the first Netflix in Korea, and achieving the maximum quarterly performance in the third quarter, and web board games thanks to the deregulation effect. Showed. Soul, online first-person shooting game (FPS) A.V.A and rhythm game DJ Max Respect V, which achieved 1 million cumulative sales in one year after the launch of Korean indie games for the first time in Korea's indie game, steam and Xbox (Xbox), respectively. ) And contributed to sales as it was released on the game pass. Other sales are the result of the company's subsidiary T & K Factory ad sales.

In 2022, Neo wiz received great attention from domestic and foreign gamers. In 2023, a total of nine new works will be introduced, and the company plans to target the global market by strengthening IP (intellectual property).

The false of P, which has developed its own console title and the largest anticipation of the Soul Lake genre, will be released this summer. The final work is in progress to finish the first development of all chapters and showcase the best quality. In the first half of the year, FIT (FOCUS Group Test) will be held for global users, and will continue various activities to increase contact with users such as new video release and participation in game shows before the official launch. In addition, based on the demonstrated development power, the preparation work for greater growth, such as the development of false works of P, will be conducted sequentially.

The next works using cats and soup IP, the new works of various genres such as puzzles using emotional art, SNG (social network games), and simulations will be offered a different fun for users.

Brown Dust IP is also expanded. BrownDust2, which inherits its previous Brown Dust, will be released in the first half of this year, and will build a solid global fandom in the subculture game market. At the same time, a new Japanese IP-based new work is being prepared.

New businesses through the web 3 market will also be prepared. Web 3 blockchain game platform Intella X development is finished, and collaboration with more than 30 investors and partners, including global leading blockchain companies.


Intella X will support anyone to make a soft landing on the web 3 market, as well as to introduce services such as DEX (Design Central Exchange), NFT Lunch Pad, NFT Exchange, and Web 3 Mobile Wallet Intella X Wallet am.


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