Nathalie Armbruster Writes History with Silver Medal in Slovenian Planica Nordic Ski World Cup

Combiner cross bowers won silver silica in the Nordic Ski Globe Cup. The 17-year-old trainee only needed to admit beat by the Norwegian protecting champion GYD Westwood Hansen on Friday. Bronze hosted likely to Hanuka Kasai from Japan. I have no words at the minute. It's so extraordinary. I nearly start crying again, stated the silver medal victors from Baden-Württemberg on ZDF.

Westwood Hansen's extraordinary position

Abrupter as currently the ideal German all-rounder in ski leaping and also cross-country skiing had actually begun the race over five kilometers after a collection of 98 meters with a void of 20 secs on Westwood Hansen. Abrupter already recognized that the Norwegian could no much longer be acquired after jumping. In no sporting activity at this Globe Mug, a professional athlete controls as clearly similar to the female's mix. Westwood Hansen likewise placed an autumn in the cross-country skiing race. She had actually already won her technique's World Cup premiere in Oberstdorf 2 years ago. In the previous 17 Globe Mug races, the 20-year-old won just as soon as a loss in Coach virtually a year back.

second valuable metal for Germany

For the German Ski Association, it was the 2nd medal of the title fights in Slovenia as well as the initial for a consolidated man generally. The day before, Katharina Altars had won gold from the regular hillside in ski jumping. Abrupter crowned her strong debut season with World Mug silver, in which she had actually been on the platform 7 times in nine Globe Cup races. The competition in the live ticker

Nordic combination women, solitary (regular hillside).

Gold: GYD Westwood Hansen (Norway) 14: 27.1 minutes.

Silver: Nathalie Abrupter (Kinesis) +11.5 seconds. Bronze: Hanuka Kasai (Japan) +15.7.

4. Yuan Kasai (Japan) +51.7, 6. AJU Nakamura (Japan) +1: 01.5 minutes, 8. Mate Lankan Land (Norway) +1: 18.5, 9. Maria Ger both (Schmiedefeld) +1: 27.7, 10. Lisa Higher (Austria) +1: 32.6, 11. Jenny Noway (Poland). +1: 33.0,... 13. Svenja Worth (Baiersbronn) +1: 40.7.

I almost begin weeping again, stated the silver medal champions from Baden-Württemberg on ZDF.


AJU Nakamura (Japan) +1: 01.5 minutes, Mate Lankan Land (Norway) +1: 18.5, 9. Maria Ger both (Schmiedefeld) +1: 27.7, 10. Lisa Higher (Austria) +1: 32.6, 11.


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