Marvel's Wolverine: Rumors Of A Release Date And New God Of War-Inspired Direction

Other than for a teaser trailer, there is no real information about Marvel's Wolverine. The journalist and insider Jeff Grubs now claim to have actually heard a couple of information from a reputable source.

In addition to Marvel's Spider-Man 2, Insomniac Games is also dealing with a computer game implementation of the widely known X-Men hero. Both tasks will vary significantly from each other, as Grubs information show. Appropriately, Wolverine is harsh and is oriented towards God of War on one point.

Marvel's Wolverine: No Open World, however a great deal of blood

In addition, Marvel's Wolverine ought to explicitly aim to adult players. According to Grubs, the developers in the USA are aiming for a mature relationship M-Rating. This allows the presumption that the battles in the game may not be squeamish.

According to Jeff Grubs, who shared the info in a livestream, as Videogameschronicle reports, Marvel's Wolverine is to do without an open game world. Unlike in Marvel's Spider-Man, there need to be individual areas rather, as is understood from God of War and God of War Ragnarök.

In addition, the designers prepare to inform their own story that takes place before Wolverine's signing up with the X-Men. According to Grubs, the development group want to intentionally differentiate itself from the past of the FOX movies, which is why probably popular characters such as Teacher X or Jean Gray will not appear. The story is most likely to concentrate quite on Wolverine itself.

Release: First Spider-Man 2, then Wolverine?

The dates discussed are not too surprising.


After all, Insomniac Games also works on Marvel's Spider-Man 2, which, according to the last info, is to be released in fall 2023 for PlayStation 5. By the way, it is still uncertain whether the 2 Marvel video games are situated in the exact same universe.

Grubs also wants to have heard something about a releasing appointment. According to his information, Insomniac Games is planning with a publication in autumn 2024. Conversations are currently in progress internally to hold off the release to 2025, depending on how the development runs.

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