Goku's Son Gohan Transforms Into Two Amazing Forms In This Artist's Latest Work

Dragon Ball is a franchise that has not aged for evil, since the brand material continues to be launched, this goes from new pages of the manga, video games, movies, toys and more. And that fever causes fans with more talent to carry out the drawings that perhaps is not canon, but that can go through the well-made. One of the characters that has taken the most relevance in these times is Golan, who took prominence with Piccolo in the new film and at the same time obtained a new transformation.


Thus, the Instagram artist, @hsuan_diamond, shows us the son of Roku in two phases, the beast mode and also the non-existent super Taiwan phase 4.

Here is the image: Something that must be highlighted regarding this art, is that Golan's version that is in SSJ4 is that of the future, Trunks timeline in which several warriors died at the hands of the androids. At the time it only reached the first phase of the transformation, in fact many have thought that they should relive it since it has high potential. Remember that the Dragon Ball Z series is in its Kai format on streaming platforms. Via: Instagram Editor's note: Hopefully, from the scheduled in the film, importance is given again, since from the first super chapters it has been put as someone retired from the fights.


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