Review: DUNU Kima Earphones - Affordable IEM?

Today we're checking out the DUNE Lima earphones. These are a new entry into the world of Items, they cost just under $120 and promise to deliver a wide range of accurate and balanced sound with crisp detail. Designed to be powerful enough for gaming, but stylish enough for casual listening, let's take a look at the features of these earphones below.

You'll additionally get a 3.5 mm to 6.35 mm adapter to connect into bigger sources, a polishing fabric, and a cleaning brush.

Lima likewise features three collections of tiny, medium, as well as big silicone ear tips. The typical black ideas are the normal kind you'll discover with a product such as this and work well, yet DUNE also includes a collection of the brand-new S&S ear suggestions that shipped with the Talks and also debuts its fresh Candy pointers. These resemble the conventional pointers but have a thicker inner nozzle for added stability.

It does a great job of supplying an all-around noise for its rate, as well as its build high quality and also devices are impressive. DUNE has tuned these earphones to provide just sufficient for songs to seem clear without ever before seeming sharp. It didn't strike me away, but they don't appear constrained or like the audio is coming from the within of my ears. They look good, audio great, and have a solid collection of devices for the money. If you're already a DUNE follower or simply desire something that will seem good throughout several styles of music and games, the Lima is a safe bet.

DUNE Kima-First Impacts and also Trick Features.

The Lima isn't a difficult IEM to drive, so you can securely connect it into your mobile phone or PC and also attain good audio top quality. Using a little amplifier increases the sound stage a touch, yet you shouldn't really feel pressured to go out and also acquire an extra accessory simply for this set.

Beginning with sound stage, the earphones provide a respectable amount of size as well as depth for their size and also rate. It didn't strike me away, but they don't appear constricted or like the sound is coming from the within my ears. It's an extra natural paying attention experience as well as the earphones are much better for it.

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Earlier designs span the gamut from the cost-effective to the expensive, however the Lima falls towards the latter end of the spectrum being available in at $99 to $109 depending upon who you buy it from. It features a single vibrant chauffeur, a removable cord that's downright lovely, and also a layout that stresses convenience as well as simple listening also over prolonged video gaming and music sessions.

Bass: Despite the appearance of the chart, I discover the bass on the Lima to focus more mid-bass than sub-bass (so, bass guitars over sub-woofer-like radio frequency grumble. There is decent extension, so songs like D.R.E.A.M. can still sound great, however those truly low notes do not press forward rather as much. This kind of adjusting isn't bad for traditional songs, nonetheless, as a lot of pop, and indeed a great deal of the most significant noises in computer game that make them seem large and also cinematic, stay in the mid-bass which comes via with a little much more visibility.

DUNE KidAdmit and also Convenience.

Guitars in more challenging tracks like Cyclone by Hands Like Residences sound sandy, and I was able to pick an excellent quantity of texture within their altered t1. It's not the most effective I've listened to at this rate, but its pleasurable and cohesive. The very same is real of vocals, which aren't very forward but are clear and articulate.

DUNE Kima-Listening Impressions.

The DUNE Lima is an extremely comfy earph1. For me, I went with the Candy pointers (the S&S pointers have never fit me well) as well as they functioned perfectly for extended listening sessions.


While the Titan S made use of an 11 mm Motorist with Polycondensated Crystal Polymer Diaphragm, Lima uses a 10 mm chauffeur with a diamond-like carbon (DLC) diaphragm. DLC motorists are well pertained to due to their lightweight and high rigidness, including speed and quality to the listening experience. DUNE does not remark much on the twin tooth cavity style, yet we've seen similar summaries utilized in over-ear headphones as a way of dividing out the frequencies and enhancing clearness, as well as that promises to be the case right here.

They look great, sound great, and also have a solid set of accessories for the money. If you're already a DUNE follower or simply want something that will appear excellent throughout numerous categories of music and video games, the Lima is a safe bet.

DUNE has tuned these earphones to give simply sufficient for songs to sound clear without ever before sounding sharp. There isn't a lot of shimmer or air, as well as the trailing ends of high regularity notes and seems go away a bit extra rapidly than I such as.

If there's something Sickness bear in mind regarding 2022 in the world of individual sound, it will be exactly how prices for high-end sound have actually been driven down. It's currently feasible to invest less than $150 and also attain impressive audio quality that would certainly have cost double that simply a couple of short years earlier. Among the brand names leading that cost is DUNE with its brand name new Kim ain-ear displays.

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It's a complete package for just $109 and also creates a very positive impression.

As is always the instance with DUNE, you get an abundant option of devices. It's versatile and also soft, and also the 3.5 mm single-ended discontinuation is able to provide sufficient power for these easy-to-drive (32-ohm impedance, 108dB sensitivity) earphones.

Technical Efficiency, Sound stage, and Imaging: Much of my impressions of the noise of the Lima is influenced by its technological performance. For our objectives, that breaks down into sound stage (the feeling of area), details as well as the layering of tracks and audios, as well as imaging (positionality).

The speed of the bass is suitable but not impressive. Sides of notes are tidy, so the chauffeur has the ability to stay up to date with the fast begins and stops of points like kicks as well as unexpected ruptured of sound in video games, but.

Last thoughts and overall impressions.

The DUNE Lima is a pair of solitary vibrant vehicle driver earbuds, as well as it joins a jam packed market at its existing cost point. It does an excellent job of supplying a well-rounded noise for its rate, as well as its build top quality and devices are excellent. There's a great deal to such as right here, but it's a not a jack of all professions, so whether it's a great fit will depend on your tastes and also exactly what you plan to utilize it for.


You can listen to what's going on, yet there isn't as much spacing between the tracks as you'll locate in an in-ear planar like the DUNE Talks or a competing dynamic like the Thieaudio Potion. Generally, excellent layering and also imaging however again, nothing that will certainly block your socks off with such heated competitors.

Detail retrieval in the mid is excellent during quieter tracks, but some information can obtain lost in more busy sections of music or torrents of sound in first-person shooters. In the aforementioned tracked, you can hear the audio of the pianos hammers on strings and also each squeak of the pianists seat, which is rather immersive.

Existing Cost: $99 to $109 (Lin soul, HIFI).

Imaging is also good but not remarkable. This is expected with the sound stage and layering falling under that exact same camp. Stereo separation is won't as well as good leave you're presuming concerning which channel a source is originating from, but I had trouble choosing range details in music. Games didn't have this problem as the audio engines are coded with positional detail in mind.

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Video gaming: The DUNE Lima will certainly function for video gaming but wouldn't be my best choice versus a conventional video gaming headset. The sound stage is good for a set of Items yet doesn't compete with a great open-back headset.

Also included in the box is an extremely great zipped travel situation. Its bright orange, so standard aside from the various other blue cases DUNE has actually been using recently yet has sufficient room to hold the earphones with the attached cord, along with a selection of accessories.

Lima is the 2nd earphone DUNE has released this year at in the middle-affordable classification, and it births other resemblances also. In February, the examined the DUNE Titan S ($79.99), a cyberpunk-inspired set of earphones that likewise used a single vibrant vehicle driver. Both earphones also share a similar 5Hz to 40,000 Hz regularity feedback variety, but KIAS vehicle driver is a noticeable upgrade.

The DUNE Lima is the most up-to-date earphone from DUNE Sound, among the leading brand names on the planet of Chili. The brand has gone far for itself in its 18 years on the marketplace and has actually gained much well-deserved praise for its prior launches.

The earphones are minimal yet rather. They're made of zinc-alloy for lasting resilience and have brass nozzles. They have an ovular layout that reminds me a bit of the Rapt go Leaf without being rather so extravagant. The face of each real estate collaborates with 4 angles designed to capture as well as play with light and also darkness and also functions well versus the smooth contour of its overview.


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