One Piece: Highlights of 2022 - by Kaido. One Piece 2022 sounds: What has happened in the past twelve months?

The year 2022 is pertaining to an end and one piece just gets another chapter-Cannon on December 25, 2022, the manga year 2022 for Luffy and the straw hat gang is completed. We would like to show how wild the year looks in retrospection if you often believe that too little occurs in One Piece. Due to the fact that in 2022 there were many advancements with which readers had actually certainly not anticipated in January 2022! We brighten the highlights of One Piece 2022.

One Piece 2022: What happened in the manga?

Only so that you can see what duration of time we are talking about: One Piece's manga year began on January 3, 2022, with the release of chapter 1036. In this beat Zero the at first invulnerable Hungrier King, while lots of samurai, straw hats and Allied allies were involved. Luffy herself raved in the battle versus Died and even noticeably taken pleasure in the challenge. What has happened given that then? All One Piece volumes: from the starting 25 years ago to the brand-new band 102!

The last of the Long Want Arc: Luffy let loose Gear 5

  • Trafalgar Law and Ecstasy Kid defeat Huge Mother: The unequal pirate duo done, with the ultimate release of her devil fruits, the extremely strong empress of the sea is catapulted into a deep hole in the earth, capsized by her servants.
  • The former Whitebeard-Commander IPO falls in the battle against representatives of the CP0.
  • Luffy released his awakened devil fruit after a defeat in the battle against Died: he does not have a Gum-Gum fruit, however the human-human-fruit legendary design: sun god Nina. This Gear-5 type turns him into a snow-white warrior who turns himself and his challenger into animation. After terrific effort, he beat the emperor of the sea want is totally free. Died herself ends up in a lava pool where Big Mother is. You are history at.
  • Mononosuke-Galter due to the devil fruit of Shinobi is no longer 8 years of ages, however physically a minimum of grown up.


He steps into his daddy's footsteps and is the brand-new ruler of Wants. Yamato stays in Want - trot plans to travel with the straw hats. She wishes to explore the country initially. After that, the new beloved of numerous fans desires to join the crew as planned at some time. The brand-new four emperors of the sea are established: buggy, Blackbeard, Luffy and (still) Blackbeard.

The hero of the manga has for that reason increased to a level that can only be exceeded by King of the Pirates. The Admiral Green Bull Aka Ryukyu acts and Want Surrender is dropped in the Samurai, Momonosuke and the upcoming proximity of Shanks near Wants. Carrot ends up being the new leader of the animal-like minks on the back of the gigantic elephant Zeus. So it no longer accompanies the straw hats. On the next page we continue with the occasions to Want and the brand-new objective of the straw hats. Page 1 One Piece: 2022 in Checking out a blatant last from Want Page 2 One Piece: 2022 In retrospect what happened to Want? Page 3 image gallery for One Piece: Emphasizes of 2022-von Died fight to Vega punk Next page To house page


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