Tips for beginners of One Piece TCG to start and sail

As the number one manga in worldwide sales in the history of the medium, it is inevitable that One Piece returns to the collectible card games market. Like the newest Banzai TCG, there are many expectations for this game to succeed, and a dedicated community and official tournaments are beginning to take shape. This guide will give you all the information you need to know how to start with One Piece TCG and sail.

Tips for beginners of One Piece TCG

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The official website of the One Piece card game is the perfect starting point and describes all the products and news that fans can expect, and can also download and test the tutorial application available online. Similar to Digimon TCG of Banzai, this game will always see new cards released first in Japan, giving United States players an idea of what to expect from evolving competitive goal.

The first set, Dawn romance, was launched through a series of promotional decks in the US Better ways to start with any TCG is choosing a starting deck for each player and some reinforcement packages. One Piece's starting mallets come with a good variety of cards to help you start playing immediately.

One Piece Starter Deck: Straw of the straw hat

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Luffy leads his crew of pirates of the straw hat in this deck that focuses on the main strengths of the red color; Offensive power and fast characters that can attack in the same turn in which they are played. All your favorite characters such as Kanji, Zero, Name, Robin, Frank, Jibe and Chopper are included in this deck to some extent along with a letter that presents its new iconic ship, the Thousand Sunny.

This deck plays fast and hard with many attackers and some good ways to reduce the battle power of your opponent and eliminate its characters. You will be happy to see your Hakama in the battle area when you play with this deck.

One Piece Starter Deck: Worse Generation

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With rival pirates of the worst generation in the world, this deck is directed by Ecstasy Kid and has a mixture of characters of its crew along with Trafalgar Law, Smoker from the Marines, Capone Bee and X Drake. Green has a good balance of attack and defense with many letters that allow you to reuse your characters several times per turn, increasing your battle power and knocking out the characters of your opponent.

One Piece Starter Deck: The Seven Lords of the Sea War

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Led by Crocodile de Arabasta, the cover of the seven warriors of the sea has a mixture of powerful enemies of Luffy's travels such as Gecko Moria, Don Flamingo, Buggy, Boa Hancock, Dracula Mohawk, Bartholomew Kama, Marshall D. Teach and sentomaru. Like the other Banzai TCG, the blue color is mainly a defensive archetype, and this initiator adheres to that philosophy with effects that return the letters of your opponent to their hands and give you an additional impulse to steal letters.

One Piece Starter Deck: Pirates of the Animal Kingdom

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The Bestial Died, one of the most destructive of the four emperors, has its own starting deck that presents its crew of Multi, Page One, Sleepyhead, Gin rummy, What Who, Black Maria, Jack, King and Queen. This deck wants to reach the end of the game and use expensive effects that will overwhelm your opponent. There are a good amount of defensive options with ways of directing directly to the characters of your opponent, play some blockers and add +2000 counterattack effects.

In One Piece TCG, purple is the color that manipulates your gift! Resources and you will build your domain and play your best cards.

Which start cover should you choose?

Since this is the first wave of the One Piece card game, it would be a great idea to get one of each start deck, but if you are going to choose favorites, you know which ones you want to try.


From a pure game perspective or if you are new at the Anime One Piece and enjoy TCG, it would be ideal to start with Straw Hat Crew and Animal Kingdom Pirates. These two starting mallets will give you a good understanding of the mechanics of the game and the flow between the offensive and defensive strategies with the potential to finish the games quickly or enter the late game.

From there, you can customize your decks depending on how you think you can improve your strategies or win rates in front of other mallets, and then you can improve key cards by exchanging or buying them individual. The world is the limit now that you know how to start with One Piece TCG and sail, and soon you could end up becoming the king of pirates! If you feel like another fun and challenging game, try our most difficult test of One Piece to test your knowledge and your hobby, and do not forget to find out more about One Piece Film.


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