Umamus X Annie Plus Collaboration Cafe, Seomyeon and Hapjeong 29th

On the 23rd, Any plus Shop announced the opening of Uranus Me Pretty Derby 2 Collaboration Café.

According to the Any plus Shop, it will be held first in Seoul Happen and Susan Someone from the 29th, and will open in Daemon and Kwangju in October. During the collaboration, Anxious Shop will sell collaboration café menus and collaboration missions. It also prepared a privilege for users who participated in collaboration.

Collaboration Café menu includes five desserts, including Special Week's General Assistant Aid, 5 kinds of drinks, including Silence Suzuki's two-dimensional melons' soda, Mary McQueen's restrictions, and Tacoma at Treason Academy.

In addition, in the first and second weeks, you can receive one of 10 character cards when ordering a café menu. In addition, the daily quantity menu sells the bread set for the morning shower.


In the case of collaboration missions, stamps are accumulated when performing a mission specified in the collaboration café. In addition, if you purchase more than 50,000 won in Umamusume Goods, you will receive one of the 20 Uranus Me Remover Bubble stickers.

The Umamusume Pretty Derby 2 Collaboration Café is scheduled to proceed for eight weeks from the opening date and can be changed according to internal circumstances.


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