Delivery is perfect, 'Eternal Return' Silvia Hero Skin launch

Aka Games announced on the 19th that it has launched a new hero of 'Perfect Delivery Silvia' skin at the PC online survival battle arena 'Eternal Return' developed and serviced by Him Blue Neuron.

The newly released Perfect Delivery Silvia and Perfect Server Chichi are the concept of a donut shop employee, creating a bright atmosphere. In the case of 'Perfect Delivery Silvia', it is the second 'hero' grade skin that appears in the store, and unlike the existing skins, the skill effect and skill motion change.

Silvia In addition, a new weapon, Arcane, has been added to the Emma character. 'Arcane' has the stats of reducing cooldowns, vampires, and skill amplification.

At the same time, Season 7's gameplay was also improved. In order to ease the competition and prevent the route, it was added to the item material and the skill amplification structure was improved. In addition, the efficiency of defensive items and wildlife level scaling are applied.

In particular, two slots were added in addition to the six equipment. Users can design not only to take the battles in favor by designating consumables items, but also to NBA 2K design equipment for the latter part of the game that uses items such as meteorites, trees of life, and VF blood.


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