Correct nutrition: way too much salt is harmful

2.2 grams of salt are in the sausage

The trouble: Salt is included in several foods, also in those where one would certainly not suspect it in the beginning glimpse. According to the DGE, a piece of grey bread reveals a standard of 0.6 grams of food salt as well as therefore more than a handful of chips. In a bratwurst there are 2.2 grams of salt and virtually 4 grams in a commercially readily available container of poultry soup.

Wellness dangers were associated with high salt usage, advises the DGE, specifically high blood stress. The immune system should also suffer with also much salt.

males, kids as well as adolescents take in excessive salt.

As a matter of fact, according to a study by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), 70 percent of women as well as 80 percent of males in Germany take greater than six grams of dining salt a day, 39 percent of females as well as half of men more than 10 grams per day and In 15 percent of women and also 23 percent of males, there are much more than 15 grams a day. According to the Federal Institute for Risk Evaluation (BfR), youngsters, males as well as teens consume too much salt.

For morning meal a croissant as well as a yoghurt, an icy pizza at lunchtime, 2 pieces of bread with cheese and also a handful of potato chips on the couch at night: with such a dish strategy you not just feed upon one side, yet also really salty. In this instance, it would be nearly eight grams of food salt as well as thus substantially greater than the everyday six grams recommended by the German Society for Nutrition (DGE), which matches to a tsp, and even the 5 grams to which the World Wellness Company (WHO) advises.

For years, nutritional experts, specialist cultures as well as physicians have been advising that we eat way too much salt Studies reveal that way too much salt in the food is unhealthy-but insufficient can be hazardous.

the threats of the Nachsalzer

But not only the salt currently had in food is problematic-even the constant re-salt of dishes can be dangerous. US scientists just recently reported in the journal European Heart Journal. Men that often got salt shallow when eating had a life span reduced by a great 2 years, women shortened their lifespan by one and also a fifty percent years, the research study with 500,000 individuals.

Actually, this observation fits one more just recently published research, which according to women particularly can make up for the threats of their salt usage to a certain degree by raising potassium intake. Potassium supports the excretion of sodium with the pee as well as is generally consisted of in bananas, avocados and salmon.

Food salt consists generally of salt chloride (NACL) as well as presents the main source in our diet regimen for salt and chloride DA-fabrics that are main to maintaining the fluid balance of the cells.

Altogether, compared to individuals that never or hardly ever encounters salt, a 28 percent boosted threat of dying prematurely. In western nutrition, this reverberation at the table makes 6 to 20 percent of the complete salt intake, explains main author and nutritionist Lu Qi. The study additionally revealed that those salt lovers who eat a lot of fruit as well as vegetables had a somewhat reduced risk of fatality. This result was not surprising to us because fruit and veggies are important resources for potassium, which has a safety result as well as is associated with a lower risk of passing, claims Qi.

Years earlier, a research of Canadian scientists triggered an experience, which according to severe salt waiver in individuals with typical blood pressure could also cause cardio issues. Higher salt intake did not bring about even more cardiac arrest and strokes in this group, just from a good twelve grams of salt or 5 grams of pure salt are wellness dangers, it stated. The doctors as a result recommended a low-sodium diet regimen more for individuals with hypertension who have so much had a great deal of salt. A Chinese monitoring study additionally located that a specifically low-salt food could have an unfavorable influence on specific forms of heart failing.

Should you take an instance to Federal Priest of Health And Wellness Karl Lauterbach (SPD), that is understood to concentrate on a low-salt diet plan? Not always. Because too little salt can be hazardous.

Exactly how can you reduce salt intake?

In sight of the high salt content of many finished products, however additionally standard foods such as bread as well as dairy products, nonetheless, it appears rather not likely to eat accidentally to low-salt. Salt plants need to just be used according to medical recommendations.

In order to save salt, the DGE encourages to minimize the intake of refined food and also rather eat even more unrefined fruit and vegetables. Above all, nevertheless, you require perseverance on the means to low-salt food, according to the DGE recommendation: If you desire to lower the eating salt consumption, it is ideal if this happens in little actions so that you can obtain made use of to the weaker salt preference.

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Higher salt usage did not lead to even more heart attacks and strokes in this team, only from a great twelve grams of salt or 5 grams of pure salt are wellness threats, it claimed. In sight of the high salt material of many finished products, yet also essential foods such as bread as well as dairy items, nevertheless, it seems rather not likely to consume accidentally to low-salt. Above all, nonetheless, you require persistence on the means to low-salt food, according to the DGE suggestion: If you want to lower the eating salt intake, it is best if this happens in tiny steps so that you can obtain used to the weak salt preference.

According to the DGE, a slice of gray bread reveals a standard of 0.6 grams of food salt and also therefore even more than a handful of chips. In a sausage there are 2.2 grams of salt as well as nearly 4 grams in a readily available container of poultry soup.


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