[PWS] Damwon Gia, 10 kill chicken with solid operation

Damwon Gia

Damwon Gia packed the chicken in PWS: Phase 2 Click Final 3 Week 1 Match.

On the 6th, the 2022 Pub Magazine Weekly Series (PWS) Phase 2 Phase 2nd Click Final 3 weeks 1 match was held online.

Weekly Finals included 16 teams in eight teams, four teams in Japan, and four teams in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau.

Korea participated in eight teams including Guangdong Prix, Gibli Esports, Zenji, Maru Gaming, Damwon Kia, Go & Go Prince, Hunger, and GNL. In Japan, Donuts Usji, Enterprise Setty Six, Socul, V-Three Fox, and Taiwanese areas were featured in the Global E-Sports Exit, Cat, Sweet Baby, and Dandle Strike.

One match magnetic field was formed by Erangel Mile. Donuts Usji and GNL E-Sports fought in the second-floor house near the school at the beginning of Gyeonggi. In this battle, GNL was wiped out by the performances of donuts 'cone' and 'Americano'.

Marujiming overpowered Guangdong Prix in a collection complex near the coast west of the Source Nobka Island. The sharp shots of Maruiming 'Normal seed' hit the situation.

He was hungry and finished the V-Three Fox in the west coastal complex and won the power fight against Gibli Esports.

However, while hungry, he was eliminated by Zenji and Deadly Strike embossed while he was in the east.

TOP4 survived Damwon Gia, Zenji, Cat, and Maru Gaming. In the following war, Damwon Kia defeated Cat and Zenji overpowered Maru Gaming.

Later, in the battle between Zenji and Damwonia, Damwon Gia 'Foxy' brought the initiative by arranging Zenji 'Spear' and 'Innonix', and since then, Zenji 'Renba' has been counterattacked by handling the Damwon Gia 'Mental', but due to magnetic field damage It was finished.


Damwon Kia showed a solid operation in this match, taking 10 kill chicken and scoring 20 points.


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