Including 20 popular songs, EasyToon Reboot: R 'O2 Jam' DLC released

Neonovis launched its first collaboration DLC 'O2 Jam Collaboration DLC' on the 28th.


O2 Jam is an online rhythm game released in 2002 and is currently being serviced on mobile since the end of service in 2012. The O2 Jam Collaboration DLC, which was released this time, is the first song 'Like This', the' Visual Dream 'of the popular composer' Brandy ',' The Queen 'of the composer' M2U 'who also participated in the O2 Jam Mobile, and the most popular in the original' A total of 20 songs include Identity Part 2 'and' End of Fight '.

When purchasing DLC, it offers two additional courses that have a testimony of O2 Jam-only themes, two panel skins, three notes skins, and 7K mode, the existing key mode.

Easy-toon Reboot: R FOX-B producer said, In the course mode, you will be able to enjoy the play sensibility that O2Jam users played at that time. Please look forward to it.

The DLC price is 19,800 won and a 10% discount for one week. The main game is also offering a 20% discount on the launch of the new DLC and the summer summer discount.

For more information, please visit the official page of Easy to On Reboot: R Steam.


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