Elyon will not die (in the near future)

Is ELYON Worth Your Time?

The last Lyon results may not look too optimistic, but Aka Games does not even think about closing or suspending the game. Conversely. Here is a quote from the last report: Thanks to the further support, Lyon, which was previously introduced to the global market, will achieve full results and will contribute to increasing the share of foreign sales We also have a Twitter post from today's morning, where Aka Games Thank you for your support and can not wait for what the future will bring. On January 12, Lyon will receive a new class — archer. On the other hand, at the beginning of next month we will see a great merge server, after which we will only stay with two servers: one for Europe, one for North America. Also remember that our version is delayed relative to this South Korean, so a lot of attractions are just ahead of us. In Lyon you will play here (free-to-play).


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