NHL sends SOS: numerous positive tests, two game prayers

Previously, three games of Calgary Flames had already been relocated after the beast against Boston Bruins had given Positive Tests among the players on Saturday. Finally, the Bruins' striker Brad Marc hand and Craig Smith were added to the COVID-19 protocol on Tuesday. Bostons coming games are also in danger.

Since other teams such as the New York Islanders (Mathew Brazil) and Colorado Avalanche (Devon Too) on Tuesday after positive tests came to the failure list, further uneasily threatens. A total of 25 players were thus included in the protocol within 36 hours, but in which not only self-tested persons tested, but also contact persons are listed.

Brad Marchand suspended 5 games 1/9/12 With the increasing game failures, even the pause for the Olympic Games in Beijing could be questioned in the worst case. Most recently, already several players had become increasingly skeptical about participation in view of the imminent multi-week quarantine in China.


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