Manunited harvests criticism for rangnicity: Not what the club needed at the moment

That Ralf Rang nick will take over the coaching office at Manchester United until the end of the season, the sparrows have been loudly loud from the roofs of the English workers' metropolis, on Monday evening, the Red Devils officially proclaimed the decision. Limited enthusiasm, however, does not harvest United from all sides.

That's not what Man united needs at the moment. Man United needs someone who opens up immediately, criticizes Liverpool legend Game Sourness versus Talk coaching office the appointment of the German to the new team manager. Nobody who does not think of instantaneously: Wow. He was not exceptionally successful, I think that has won only a trophy, says Souses.

The Talent Rang nick is apparently involved in developing a football club and its structure over a period of five to ten years, united can not wait so long, SOURNESS sees the decision of Manchester bosses critical.

Man united has a question of a healthy squad, from the rancidity predecessor Ole Gunnar Solskjaer did not get the most out of the best. Rang nick must now ensure that the stars are no longer among their possibilities. Will this new guy who had never been in the Premier League will be able to achieve that? I do not think, SOURNESS becomes even clearer. The decision he understands at any level.

Netted Pension, Nice Job for Rang nick

Especially as Rang nick takes over only as an interim coach until the summer and then take a not-mentioned advisory place. This is a nice pension for him, with 63 years is a nice job if you can get him.

United, on the other hand, stressed that Rang nick was the perfect choice. Ralf is a highly comrade coach and innovator in European football. He was our number one candidate as an interim team manager because he brings invaluable manager and technical skills from his nearly four decades long career, said John Murtaugh, football director at Manchester United on Monday.

Away from the very large international stage, Rang nick has quite a lot to show. The FC Schalke 04 he led to the Champions League and the Cup win, with RB Salzburg he celebrated in Austria some titles and with Hanover 96 he gained the championship in the 2nd Bundesliga. Also, on the rise of RB Leipzig to the Bundesliga Top Club has Rang nick big share.

Speaking of RB Leipzig: The Daily Mail has already wanted to know that Rang nick's first newcomer should come from Leipzig. Accordingly, Rang nick Amado Haida has set to the shopping list. In January, an offer should be planned by 40 million euros.


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