Fortnite: 7 Sticking Around Inquiries From The Chapter 2 Finale

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Fortnite Chapter 2 remains in guides, as well as while we await Chapter 3 to begin, it's finest not to enter head-first without a grasp on everything that occurred in the Fortnite Chapter 2 ending. Still, there are some points we can not rather speak to. As always, Fortnite loves a good secret. With the Cube Queen apparently beat for currently, yet the fate of so much hanging in the equilibrium for Chapter 3, Season 1 and also past, right here are seven remaining secrets from the Fortnite Chapter 2 finale.

What occurred to Alone?

When the Bridge was swamped equally the island was finishing its end-over-end rotation, the Cooper (player character), The Foundation, Jones, and The Researcher were tossed exterior into the terrific, big ocean. Presumably, they all endured since the Cooper was the least outfitted to handle the rise of water, and also even they did, yet what regarding Alone? We last saw her in another component of the Bridge. What came to be of that room when the whole base was washed away?

On a meta degree, she's most likely to life due to the fact that her arc hasn't been told yet, but where does Alone go from here since The 7 have conserved the Zero Factor from destruction twice, and both times she stood in the way?

How did The Foundation overcome passing away?

When Alone searched amazed at the reality that The Foundation existed to save the day, she said what a number of us were believing: I viewed you pass away. Without missing out on a beat, The Foundation removes his mask (and reveals The Rock's likeness) prior to nonchalantly providing a strange reply: I got over it. Currently, in the Fortnite world, individuals pass away and also return constantly, because of the Loop, which appears to come as one of the Zero Factor's properties. Yet The Foundation seemed to pass away beyond the Loophole, implying he ought to be dead-dead. So why isn't he?

Why did the blue cube (AKA Blevins) not help the Cube Queen?

While other cubes converged to create The Pyramid according to their master's demands, Blevins declined. Instead, it headed toward Pleasant Park and helped create a shield around the looters, to secure as several as it could from the Cube Queen's destruction. Its valiant initiatives ultimately obtained Blevins ruined into little pieces by The Last Fact, however what encouraged it to oppose its leader to begin with? And can we maybe obtain some extremely adhesive and piece Blue Kevin back together?

What was the device Agent Jones was strapped to?

When The Foundation breasts into The Bridge to conserve Agent Jones, Alone is secs away from, obviously, removing him from the Loop completely using some odd gadget. Strapped to his head as well as reading out all kinds of complex information, Alone's tool seemed to be developed to vaporize looters permanently. What is this device, to whom does it belong, as well as what would certainly've happened to Agent Jones if The Foundation really did not show up in the nick of time? Even better, has any person used it before?

Why does the island have a flip side?

Possibly the largest mystery of all is one we'll in fact have answered quite soon: Why does the island have a coin-like heads and also tails? The Seven turned the island, and visually speaking, the phenomenon was magnificent to watch, however why did it take place at all? Just how does a universe exist undersea like that? Is it really under there in any way times, or was it probably summoned somehow, like being drawn in from a parallel truth when the best buttons are pressed in The Bridge? Ideally the Chapter 3 island will certainly drop some light on what the hell is taking place.

Is the Cube Queen really gone?

We seemed to watch the Cube Queen get detonated by the turning island. Her removal (or destruction?) of the Zero Factor was virtually complete, yet for some factor, the flipped island created her to blow up when her gold orb entered into contact with the water. Was it she that could not touch water, or was it her glowing orb? In addition, was whatever that was sufficient to cast her off for good? If so, what mortal risks may arise in Chapter 3 since she's been... waterlogged?

For how long were The Seven planning this?

One point that's absolutely clear is whatever we saw The 7 do throughout the ending was pre-planned. As The Foundation conserves Jones as well as launches the turning of the island, he says they're onto stage two, at which point The Site visitor as well as The Scientist come spotting with the sky to save looters and also drive back The Last Truth. This greatly implies they weren't simply winging it, as well as had a specific strategy in mind. But also for the length of time did they know this was what it was hosting likely to take? Whatever, we can presume they may recognize the island much better than anyone-- even IO and also Doctor Alone.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Finale - The End Live Event (Cube Queen)

While we wait on Chapter 3, you can catch a spoiler-filled glance at the next fight pass and a Gears of War crossover.


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