Marvel producer gives track about the future of Chris Hemsworth as Thor

Thor: Love and Thunder is about to have its premiere in all the cinemas in the world, which is why the main actor has been asked if it will be his last participation in Marvel tapes. This has reached an interview in which there is a somewhat ambiguous response, which could indicate an end to the actor who began his adventure in 2011 .


Specifically, Kevin Feige , the producer of Marvel has implied in a subtle way that they want to use variants of the thunder god, since they are now going to focus on a somewhat more connected part of the multiverse. So, this can mean the withdrawal of the character we already know, having a kind of rest similar to what happened with the Captain America.

Here the actor's statements:

Comics tell many stories and all narratives derive from there. In addition, have we already told all Thor's great adventures? The answer is no. There are many more. We have always considered that the intention of telling our stories is to continue with the life of the character, especially give continuity to the experience with the actor and show them as part of a whole and not as individual parts. Of course, Mighty Thor (Powerful Thor), played by Natalie Portman, will not be the only alternating version that we will see on the screen. Because if we go to comics, there are many other Thor incarnations that we have not yet seen.

The confirmation that Chris Hemsworth will stop playing Thor stays somewhat in the air, and until the last film has not been released, the unknown will be present in the minds of the fans For their part, many expect Jane to be the new heroin from now on, but the director of the film, Taika Waititi , commented that it will not happen.

He remembers that T Hor: Love and Thunder premieres next July 7 in cinemas.


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